Using function 'Offline Files' in TC

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Using function 'Offline Files' in TC

Post by *thomasw »

Hi all,

how can I use the function 'Offline Files' from Windows in TC?
How can I switch a folder from Online to Offline (and vice versa) in TC?
How can I add the colums 'Offloinestatus' and 'Verfügbarkeit' (I do not know the correct english name...) to a custom column view in TC?
:?: :?: :?:

For better understanding please see screenshot of the Windows File Explorer...

Thanks and best regards

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Re: Using function 'Offline Files' in TC

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Here it works via context menu (long right click or Shift+F10) - Always available offline.
The status can be seen with Alt+Enter.
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