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File list copy

Post by *il--ya » 2019-05-15, 11:12 UTC

It would be nice to be able to copy a list of file names (with paths as option) from search results as a plain text.
Alternatively/additionally would be nice to be able to copy the list of file names in current panel. Then I can do "feed to listbox" and copy from there. This would also be useful for other purposes as well like get a list of files in current directory.

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Re: File list copy

Post by *obeg » 2019-05-15, 11:34 UTC

You can mark all files in a folder ( for example by * on the numeric keyboard or ctrl+a) or by a search

Then there are the following commands in the main menu Mark -> "Copy Selected Names To Clipboard" or "Copy Selected Names With Path To Clipboard"

br /ola

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Re: File list copy

Post by *Stefan2 » 2019-05-15, 11:35 UTC

Hi and welcome il--ya

From an search results, click [feed to listbox] to get a "normal" list view like from a folder, next select the wanted files.

To export such list:

- Right click the button bar to create a new button (Change...).
- In the button dialog click at [Help].
- Scroll down and read at "%L,...... create a list file in the TEMP directory with the names of the selected files and directories,

- Now create a button like

Code: Select all

Command    = Notepad 
Parameters = "%L"
Start path = 
Icon file  = Notepad 	      (or WCMICONS.DLL)
Tooltip    = Notepad %L
This is one possibility only.

Ready to paste button:

Code: Select all

Open notepad with selected files %L


- - -

Also there are internal commands for this (see the textfile TOTALCMD.INC)

cm_SaveSelectionToFile=2031;Save file selection to file
cm_SaveSelectionToFileA=2041;Save file selection to file (ANSI)
cm_SaveSelectionToFileW=2042;Save file selection to file (Unicode)

cm_SaveDetailsToFile=2039;Save all shown columns to file
cm_SaveDetailsToFileA=2043;Save all shown columns to file (ANSI)
cm_SaveDetailsToFileW=2044;Save all shown columns to file (Unicode)

Code: Select all

Command    = cm_SaveSelectionToFileW 
Parameters = 
Start path = 
Icon file  = WCMICONS.DLL
Tooltip    = Save Selection To File W


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Re: File list copy

Post by *Gral » 2019-05-15, 13:22 UTC

You can copy files paths with names as a text directly in search results window. Just press CTRL+C.

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Re: File list copy

Post by *petermad » 2019-05-15, 16:30 UTC

There several commands for copying the selected filenames to clipboard:
cm_CopyNamesToClip=2017;Copy filenames to clipboard
cm_CopyFullNamesToClip=2018;Copy names with full path
cm_CopyNetNamesToClip=2021;Copy names with UNC path
cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip=2036;Copy all shown columns
cm_CopyFpFileDetailsToClip=2037;Copy all columns, with full path
cm_CopyNetFileDetailsToClip=2038;Copy all columns, with UNC path
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