How to copy file path with forward slash?

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How to copy file path with forward slash?

Post by *Laish » 2019-05-30, 18:49 UTC


I'm currently using an Hotkey to run the command cm_CopyFullNamesToClip.
In the clipboard the path is set with backslash (i.e c:\dev\file.txt).

I would like to have the path with forward slash (i.e. c:/dev/file.txt), Is there any settings that influence that?

I know i can write a script and put it in the shortcuts bar (something like this but i want to use the keyboard shortcut to run it.

Does anybody have any idea how to achieve that?

Thank you!

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Re: How to copy file path with forward slash?

Post by *Stefan2 » 2019-05-30, 18:59 UTC

Hi and welcome Laish.

Instead of into the shortcuts bar (buttonbar) you can write with that commands and parameters a "user defined command" (usercmd.ini),
which you can assign a keyboard shortcut to. (Configuration > Options > Misc.)

To aid you whit your actual task you can try to use an Add-on instead of an own script:


Or just use PowerShell:

The forum is full with tips and tricks, just search for that keywords....
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