[Request] Pluginselector by more as one same filetype

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[Request] Pluginselector by more as one same filetype

Post by *blacky » 2019-07-29, 08:02 UTC


i have 2-3 different plug-ins at lister as example for mp3, a player, a mp3tag editor and an other,

the Task: make it possible at start a plugin-selector for select a plugin, what you want..
at a.e. viewing (listerplugin) if you have more as 1/one plugin for the same file-extension/type

have you more listerplugins as only once, open an window with Buttons of the Listerpluginsnames for selecting with mouse or
with up/down or tab key for selecting the buttons ..

an plugin-selector (popup) infront of the plugins in the Totalcommander by open it (mostly at listerplugin)

by typing F3 over a example.mp3 => Lister-pluginhandler search in the file-extension==plugin-file-extension >"1" => popup+buttons+Name of the plugins

[Lister internal]

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Re: [Request] Pluginselector by more as one same filetype

Post by *petermad » 2019-07-30, 21:55 UTC

As a workaround you can take advantage of TC commandline parameter: /S=L:Ppluginname

It will start an instance of Lister with the desired plugin indicated by pluginname, where pluginname is the name you see in Listers titlebar when that plugin is running.

It can be used in a button like this:

Code: Select all

View in Lister with mmedia plugin

To make the button:
1. Mark the green text above (click SELECT ALL).
2. Copy it to the ClipBoard (press Ctri+C).
3. Right click on TC's buttonbar and choose "Paste".

Or it can be used in TC's Internal Associations (cm_InternalAssociate), to show up in the Right click menu for the particular filetype:
See how I have set it up here for .htm files: http://madsenworld.dk/tcmd/fileassoc1.png
See how it looks in the right click menu here: http://madsenworld.dk/tcmd/fileassoc2.png

You can also use the commands (for example: %COMMANDER_EXE% /S=L:Pmmedia) in the Start Menu or the Directory Hotlist and even in the Main Menu as I do in my Extended Menus (see signature).
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