MRT Counter Reset By Folder

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Alonzo Mosley
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MRT Counter Reset By Folder

Post by *Alonzo Mosley »

Dear Internet:

I have about 1500 photos stored in a few dozen folders.

I'd like to rename each photo with the name of the folder, and then a counter:

/APPLES/DSC5675.jpg becomes /APPLES/APPLES-001.jpg
/APPLES/DSC5678.jpg becomes /APPLES/APPLES-002.jpg
/BANANAS/DSC5677.jpg becomes /BANANAS/BANANAS-001.jpg
/CABBAGE/2019-08-05-132347.jpg becomes /CABBAGE-001.jpg


So I:
* Launched TC
* Selected the parent folder
* Hit Ctrl-B to get all child files
* Hit Ctrl-A to select em all
* Hit Ctrl-M to launch MRT
* Changed the Rename Mask file name to "[P] - [C]"
* Set "Digits" to 3

Which almost gives me what I want. It numbers ALL files sequentially, in the sort order:
/CABBAGE/2019-08-05-13234.jpg became /CABBAGE/CABBAGE-001.jpg
/APPLES/DSC5675.jpg became /APPLES/APPLES-002.jpg
/BANANAS/DSC5677.jpg became /BANANAS/BANANAS-003.jpg
/APPLES/DSC5678.jpg became /APPLES/APPLES-004.jpg

Is there any way to get it to reset the counter for each folder (without going into each as a separate renaming event)?

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Re: MRT Counter Reset By Folder

Post by *chfaure »

As far as i know, Total commander does not have any reset counter expression.
You can do it folder by folder with TC..

Use external tools like :
Bulk Rename Utility Which have this exact feature
Advanced Renamer Using scripting
and some other...
A more complicated way would be to use a dedicated content plugin which have to be created ;)

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