Problem with UTF-8 coded comments

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ziyan chen
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Problem with UTF-8 coded comments

Post by *ziyan chen »

Seems like there is a bug in TC 9.22a:

Here are my operation:

1. I set the following option in TotalCMD 9.22a: Configuration - Operation - File Comments - Preferred type: Unicode-UTF8
2. I commented the folder "sogou pinyin_80d★" and the comment shows up.
3. then I commented the folder "sogou_pinyin_80d★", but it's comment didn't appear.
4. I repeated step 3 many times and the result was the same.
5. I opened descript.ion file with notepad2 and find out : there is a little " after sogou_pinyin_80d★ which makes the comments didn't show up.

OS: Win10

The files are below:

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Re: Problem with UTF-8 coded comments

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

I will check it, thanks. The "" double quotes should only be added when there are spaces in the name.
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