Cloud plugin: Is working with google drive?

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Cloud plugin: Is working with google drive?

Post by *zupermario »

Hello all,
it's the Cloud plugin currently updated/working? I'm trying to use now, with google drive, but i'm experiencing some inconsistency, for example many files have "0" size reported (but correct size if locally copied), or unjustified messages about locally copied files already existant (as if the same file were encountered several times while copying a folder), unable to delete some file, etc..


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Re: Cloud plugin: Is working with google drive?

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Yes, it's still developed. The files with 0 size are Google Docs documents (Google Drive doesn't report a valid size). They are converted to MS Office, OpenOffice, PDF etc. when you download them, and then also get a file extension. That's why you may get overwrite errors. You can select the format of the downloaed files in the settings of each connection.
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