Syncrhonize tool : select files from Date1 to Date2 and move them

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Syncrhonize tool : select files from Date1 to Date2 and move them

Post by *Waldoo »

Hello every one,
I'm a new user of Total Commander and to this forum.

First, I'm only discovering this software, and I really think that I will win hours to sort my files !

thank you.

I have questions regarding synchronize tool:

I of course looked via SEARCH option of the forum/ or Googled it too.. without success :

I have a directory A with hundreds of files in each of a dozen sub-folders,which contains :
  • hundreds of file from Date1 to Date2
  • hundreds of file from Date2 to Date3
Those files from directory A should move, to the same tree-directory:
  • files from Date1 to Date 2 has to move to directory B
  • files from Date2 to Date3 has to move to Directory C, where Directory C contains files from Date3 to Date4... and sometimes files between Date 2 and date 3 (that's why I cant to use synchronize tool).
what I'm doing right now :
  • using compare/synchronize tool between Directory A and C
  • I show filter "existing on left", is equal, is different
  • I have to unselect manually what I don't want to transfer existing on left/in Directory A (Date1 to Date2) - (that I will manually move manually to Directory B later)
  • I'm copying files existing on left (Directory A) that doesn't exist on right (Directory C)
  • (I don't copy files existing on right (Directory C) to copy to left (Directory A) )
  • I check "different files" Between Directory A and C, and I select "copy left ro right", save both files with different copied name
  • I synchronize
  • then I refresh
  • I check for "equal files"
  • I select equal file on left and "delete Left"
  • I manually cut/past the rest of the folder (with files from Date 1 to Date2) to directory B
I'm sure we could save some clicks here ! but, how ?

What I'm looking for is to be able to
  • in the synchronize tool : select/filter files by date of creation on left (from Date1 to Date2)
  • If they don't exist at right, Move them (not copy* them)
I see that a part of question/suggestion was aborded in 2003 on the forum but remained unanswered :

Final question, can we make a script /bash of that via TC ? :D
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Re: Syncrhonize tool : select files from Date1 to Date2 and move them

Post by *sqa_wizard »

2WaldooWelcome to the forum!
First of all, the synchronize tool is intended to make both sides equal = synchronized.
This means it can copy and delete, but not move.

If I understand it correctly your task is:
1. find files of a time range
2. move found files to a destination folder, preserving the same tree-directory structure

I assume:
- D:\work\directory A
- D:\work\directory B

This can be done
1. search the files:
- Goto directory A
- Commands - Search: Tab "Advanced" - Activate "Date between" and enter required time range
- Start search and on search results press button "Feed to listbox"

=> Found files are at listbox now

2. move the files:
- press Ctrl-A to select all files
- Files - Multi-Rename-Tool (yes you can move with Multi-Rename-Tool)
- enter ..\directory B\[N] at "Rename mask"
- verify the path/name at "New name"
- press "Start"

=> Files are moved now

1. You can undo the move by pressing the "Undo" button at Search dialog even after the restart of the search dialog.
2. This will not work, if directory B is on a different drive (you have to use a junction to accomplish this)
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