Total Commander 9.50 beta 3 available

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Total Commander 9.50 beta 3 available

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Total Commander 9.50 beta 3 is available now!

What's new in beta 3:
  • Dark mode is now available by default on Windows XP and newer
  • Dark mode: Scrollbars in the main file lists are now drawn dark when not scrolling with the mouse
  • Three new internal commands to switch dark mode on and off: cm_SwitchDarkmode: on/off, cm_EnableDarkmode: on, cm_DisableDarkmode: off
You can use the same installer as for beta 2, it can download and install also older beta versions.

The update to 9.50 adds a lot of new functions, see below. It also corrects many errors. Complete list of changes.

New functions in Total Commander 9.50:

User interface:
  • Dark mode, starting with Windows 10 1809 (Fall 2018), inofficially also with older Windows versions (ForceDarkModeOptions=1)
  • Increased directory history length to 200 (configurable via HistoryLenStored)
  • History: Only show directories in which the user performed some operation (configurable). Alt+Shift+Down arrow shows full history
  • Drive dropdown list, drive buttonbar: Show "eject" overlay over drive icon for removable drives
  • When scrolling through file lists with the keyboard, keep a margin of 4 lines above/below the current position (configurable)
  • Directory panels: Show <LINK> for hard links/soft links to files instead of 0 size
  • Ctrl+Q quick view: Show contents of link target instead of lnk file content
  • Configuration - Options - Display: New option "Append \" to show folders as Folder\ instead of [Folder]
  • Internal associations: Optional: Add extra verbs from ALL matching filters, default "open" only from the first match
  • Show "New" submenu also in context menu for [..] entry, to create new file in current directory
  • Windows 10, context menu: Menu item "Share" didn't do anything -> handle it internally
  • Quick search dialog: Clear search with Ctrl+Y
  • Right click on directory tab -> "Recently closed tabs"
  • Show location of Total Commander EXE file in about box
File operations:
  • Archives: Choose codepage when unpacking files, e.g. to unpack names with cyrillic characters. Show [Auto] or chosen encoding in tab header.
  • OneDrive folder: Handle folders appearing as file system links
  • F5 copy dialog: Support directory hotlist (Ctrl+D)
  • Create CRC checksums: New options to use Unix format, and to always use UTF-8
FTP / File system plugins:
  • Transfer from FTP server to FTP server with F5: Option to copy via local PC
  • Transfer from/to FTP/FS plugins: Support copy filters like the local file copy function, e.g. *.txt | excludeddir\
  • FTP, upload/download with F5 - F2 in background: Support client certificate
  • RestrictInterface=6144: Disallow all plugins, or 4096: Only allow plugins with a valid digital signature
Multi-rename tool:
  • New placeholder [ c ] = number of files in list
  • New placeholder [ S ] = file size
Alt+F10 tree:
  • Option to use 'Everything' to load the tree
  • Combobox to change drive, open with Alt+F1 or Alt+F2
  • Search with 'Everything': Show percent of the search results transferred to Total Commander
  • Improved search in Office xml files (e.g. .docx, .ods etc): find accented characters
  • Automatically check 'Everything' option when using prefix ev: or ed: in search field
  • Option to search in search results only
  • View previous search results
Lister (F3):
  • Define which view method and plugin should be used when opened, separately by file type, e.g. all jpg files with internal image viewer
  • Press '8' to show preview as the Explorer (uses IPreviewHandler or IThumbnailProvider if the former isn't available)
  • Support printing of JPG/PNG/GIF in Lister with internal image viewer
Compare by content:
  • Set color for underlined search results
Synchronize dirs:
  • Use Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to jump to next/previous directory
Internal commands:
  • New internal commands with parameters: LOADSELECTION, SAVESELECTION, SAVEDETAILS plus ANSI/Unicode versions
  • cm_ModernShare allows to use the new Windows 10 "Share" context menu item directly
  • cm_ChangeArchiveEncoding to open the archive encoding popup menu
  • cm_MoveTabLeft and cm_MoveTabRight to manually move current tab
Download Total Commander 9.50 beta now (Free update/Demo version)

The update is still free for all registered users (also of Windows Commander) - simply install the new demo version over the existing full version.
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