Compare (text)file content - ignore fixed character count

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Compare (text)file content - ignore fixed character count

Post by *MrHoek »

Hi to all,

I'm using Total Commander for a very long time with great satisfaction.

However, when comparing text files (specifically logfiles) I'm missing the ability to ignore the first few characters of a logline (as these contain timestamps).

Is there a content plugin that allows me to do that?
Or might this be a nice feature for the (text) files comparison functionality?

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Re: Compare (text)file content - ignore fixed character count

Post by *ts4242 »

There are two settings regarding your request CompareSkipFirstL and CompareSkipFirstR, edit your Wincmd.ini manually and add them with desired value under Configuration section.

This feature was introduced in TC 7.00
History.txt wrote:23.05.06 Added: Compare by content: New experimental feature to skip the first x characters in a file (e.g. the date/time in a log file): wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareSkipFirstL=x1 CompareSkipFirstR=x2 (left/right separately)
Try Configuration Editor, it is contains many TC's settings that you cannot set directly in TC.

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