wm_copydata CD path \0D path2 \0 "A" outcome random

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wm_copydata CD path \0D path2 \0 "A" outcome random

Post by *dindog »

The cd command has an "A" parameter for if the path is an archive, put the cursor on it instead of opening it as a folder.
I test my AHK cd command, but the result is random and I can't find a pattern why sometime it opens the archive and sometime it isn't.

By contrast, TCFS2's send CD command with "A" parameter always works...
tcfs2 /ef "tcd(`E:\totalcmd950b7x64.cab`,``,A)"
so is TCMC
tcmc cdA "E:\totalcmd950b7x64.cab" ""

I made a wm_copydata receiver by AHK to logged the sent binary string to TC. the strange thing is, the string which open the archive and those didn't, are exactly the same.
I dumped the raw binary code:

Code: Select all

EF BB BF 45 3A 5C 74 6F  74 61 6C 63 6D 64 39 35 30 62 37 78 36 34 2E 63 61 62 0D EF BB BF 00 41 00 00 00

EF BB BF      45 3A 5C 74 6F  74 61 6C 63 6D 64 39 35 30 62 37 78 36 34 2E 63 61 62
UTF-8 BOM + E:\totalcmd950b7x64.cab
EF BB BF 00 
UTF-8 BOM + ""
41 00 00 00
and here is the AHK code, test in TC9.5B6 64bit, Window 10 64bit, ahk_unicode32

Code: Select all

bom :=( A_IsUnicode )?Chr(0xFEFF):""
TC_SendData(bom "E:\totalcmd950b7x64.cab"`r" bom, "A")

TESTED AND WORKING ON: AHK_L v1.1.21.03 UNICODE X32 + Win7 X32 + TC 8.51a
TC_SendData("C:\tc" "`r" "D:\data", "CD")	 ; CD   Command: (LeftDir - RightDir)
TC_SendData("C:\tc" "`r"          , "R")	 ; CD   Command: (LeftDir) and activate Right panel
TC_SendData(        "`r" "D:\data", "LT")	 ; CD   Command: (          RightDir) in new tab and activate left panel

TC_SendData("C:\tc" "`r" "D:\data", "S")	 ; CD   Command: (SourceDir - TargetDir)
TC_SendData("C:\tc" "`r"          , "SBT")	 ; CD   Command: (SourceDir) in new background tab
TC_SendData(        "`r" "D:\data", "ST")	 ; CD   Command: (            TargetDir) in new background tab
S: Interpret the paths as source/target instead of left/right
T: Open path(s) in new tabs
B: Open tabs in background (do not activate them)
L: Activate the left panel
R: Activate the right panel
A: Do not open archives as directories. Instead, open parent directory and place cursor on it.
TC accepts more then 2 parameters here, so sending e.g. STBL is legitimate.
TC_SendData(Cmd, CmdType="", msg="", hwnd="") {
   Critical   ; Define "OnMessage" as STATIC it is registered at Script startup.
   STATIC om:=OnMessage(0x4a, "TC_SendData"), TC_ReceiveDataValue:="", TC_DataReceived:=""	; 0x4a is WM_COPYDATA

   IF ((msg=0x4A) AND (hwnd=A_ScriptHwnd)) ; EnSure is trigered by this Script.
      EXIT (TC_ReceiveDataValue:=StrGet(NumGet(CmdType + A_PtrSize * 2)), TC_DataReceived:="1")

   VarSetCapacity(CopyDataStruct, A_PtrSize * 3), TC_ReceiveDataValue:=1, TC_DataReceived:=""
   if (CmdType="") ; Ask TC
      CmdType:=(A_IsUnicode ? "GW" : "GA"), TC_ReceiveDataValue:=""
   else if (CmdType="EM") or (CmdType="em") ; em command
   else  ; CD command STBALR
      DirType:=(CmdType="CD")?"":CmdType, CmdType:="CD"

      VarSetCapacity(cmdA, StrPut(cmd, (A_IsUnicode ?"UTF-8":"CP0")) + (CmdType="CD" ? 5 : 0) * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1), 0)	,	Len:=StrPut(cmd, &cmdA, (A_IsUnicode ?"UTF-8":"CP0"))

   NumPut( Asc(SubStr(CmdType,1,1)) + 256 * Asc(SubStr(CmdType,2,1)), CopyDataStruct,0 )
   NumPut( Len + (CmdType="CD" ? 5 : 0) * (A_IsUnicode ? 2 : 1) , CopyDataStruct, A_PtrSize )
   NumPut( &cmdA , CopyDataStruct, A_PtrSize * 2)
   Loop, % strlen(DirType) ;(CmdType=="CD" ? 2 : 0)
      NumPut(Asc(SubStr(DirType,A_Index,1)), cmdA ,Len+A_Index-1, "Char")
   SendMessage, 0x4A,%A_ScriptHwnd%, &CopyDataStruct,, ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD

; receiver ahk code:
Prev_DetectHiddenWindows := A_DetectHiddenWindows
    Prev_TitleMatchMode := A_TitleMatchMode
    DetectHiddenWindows On
    SetTitleMatchMode 2
   SendMessage, 0x4A,%A_ScriptHwnd%, &CopyDataStruct,, Receiver.ahk ahk_class AutoHotkey
   DetectHiddenWindows %Prev_DetectHiddenWindows%  ; Restore original setting for the caller.
    SetTitleMatchMode %Prev_TitleMatchMode%         ; Same.
; receiver ahk code end
   While (TC_ReceiveDataValue="") {
      IfEqual, TC_DataReceived,    1, Break
      IfGreaterOrEqual, A_Index, 500, Break
   Return TC_ReceiveDataValue
It dumps the sent binary to D:\return.txt , but I actually use the clipboard by CLCL dump view to see the binary

Code: Select all

; Save the following script as "Receiver.ahk" then launch it:
OnMessage(0x4a, "Receive_WM_COPYDATA")  ; 0x4a is WM_COPYDATA

Receive_WM_COPYDATA(wParam, lParam)
    StringAddress := NumGet(lParam + 2*A_PtrSize)  ; Retrieves the CopyDataStruct's lpData member.
    CopyOfData := StrGet(StringAddress)  ; Copy the string out of the structure.

    Fh:=FileOpen("d:\return.txt", "rw")

    ; Show it with ToolTip vs. MsgBox so we can return in a timely fashion:
    ToolTip %A_ScriptName%`nReceived the following string:`n%CopyOfData%
    return true  ; Returning 1 (true) is the traditional way to acknowledge this message.
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Re: wm_copydata CD path \0D path2 \0 "A" outcome random

Post by *dindog »

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Re: wm_copydata CD path \0D path2 \0 "A" outcome random

Post by *MVV »

Do you include null character at the end of WM_COPYDATA data into length? It should be included to ensure that TC gets flags string null-terminated.
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