some seconds time difference

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some seconds time difference

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When I try to synchronize directories, I have the problem that files with only a few seconds time difference are not displayed as different.
The different file times are shown in the syncronize directories window, but the files are marked as equal.

I could enable comparison by content, but that would cause a much longer runtime.

It makes no difference to enable/disable the "Ignore NTFS 1 hour" feature.

Is there a way/parameter to change the behaviour of Total Commander?

Total Commander 9.51 x64

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Re: some seconds time difference

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

No, this is intentional, because when you copy files to FAT32, they lose accuracy - FAT32 has a resolution of 2 seconds. ZIP archives have the same restriction. I'm using the same 2 second resolution also on NTFS, for the case that someone packed a folder and later unpacked it again.
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