Accessing WinCE on Touchscreen car stereo

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Accessing WinCE on Touchscreen car stereo

Post by *GivinErGovernor »

First of all I want to thank the creators of this awesome program.

I purchased a cheap touchscreen stereo to play around with, and have seen others gain access to WinCE on similar devices. I'm very new to WinCE itself as well.

I'm told by the manufacturer that it does run Windows CE. I've asked which version it might be as well as obtained an .img file to update the firmware on the device. I haven't figured out a means to access it on my PC and inspect what it might contain. Nor have I come up with many answers correlating an .img file to WinCE. I'm waiting on an answer about which version it is running.

Anyways I've done alot of looking on this forum as well as others and haven't found anything that has worked. I followed a previous thread made last year in 2019 where you are to extract the contents of the .cab file onto the device as well as rename the files.

This makes perfect sense to me so I followed the instructions and found that the file explorer provided on the Manufacturers GUI won't attempt to run anything other than media (mp3/mp4/etc) or the ".img" file that the mfg provided to me.

There is a selection in the settings menu used to update the firmware using either "MCU" or "MP5". I'm unfamiliar with both formats, if that's what they even are.

I've tried the following:

1. Unpack TC for WinCE onto removable media and attempt to run executable file via the stereo's explorer. As well have attempted to just try running the .cab for curiosity's sake.

2. Created an .lnk in a folder named "AutoRun" attempting to start explorer.exe. (Also tried accessing the .lnk on the provided explorer)

I'm going to try accessing the unit itself either by using SyncToy for Win10 or ActiveSync for WinXP via laptop using the USB ports on the unit.

I've also read of others importing and renaming certain files to gain access as well, which would be well and good if I can access the root of the device using either aforementioned programs.

Any input is appreciated. I have no idea what I'm getting into, but it seems fun. :)

Thanks in advance
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Re: Accessing WinCE on Touchscreen car stereo

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Unfortunately I can't help you much here. Total Commander for Windows CE was a file manager for smartphones and organizers in ancient times, before Android and iOS. Phones with it have long been discontinued, it's just used for some specialized tools now. There was no problem running .exe files on regular phones then.
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