2.52 b3 + WM 6.5 (HTC HD2): a bug with column width

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Post by *kassian76 »

Dear Christian,

the default width of the Name column (50 units) is so narrow that 2-3 firsts characters are visible only.

But indeed your way works.
1. Launch TC in landscape mode.
2. Delete all WIDTH1/2/3 & WIDTH1W/2W/3W strings in registry.
3. Set desirable values via TC menu (in landscape mode).
4. Don't touch anything more (WIDTH1W/2W/3W will appear, whereas WIDTH1/2/3 will not).

In any case your prog is so brilliant (after Volcov Commander) that I would wish it to be perfect in every detail.

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Post by *p0izn »

Have the same bug on HTC TD2 (wvga) @ WM 6.5!

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