Button Bar Spacing Problem WM ( built 29008

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Joe Bleau
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Button Bar Spacing Problem WM ( built 29008

Post by *Joe Bleau »

I'm currently using a custom ROM: Energy.RHODIUM.29008.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.Mar.08 with Total Commander 2.52 beta 2 cooked in on my HTC Tilt 2 WVGA (similar to Touch Pro2). The problem is that in portrait mode, the spacing between the buttons is too big so buttons like Ctrl are not visible. I can see all the buttons in landscaped mode. See screen captures:

vaiofseries. {space} com/images/HTC_Touch_Pro_2_Rhodium/Mar08ROM_Total_Commander_Quirk.jpg

vaiofseries. {space} com/images/HTC_Touch_Pro_2_Rhodium/Mar08ROM_Total_Commander_Quirk_Landscape.jpg

I downloaded Total Commander 2.52 beta 3 and installed it but the problem remains.

Disabling Sense with > Start > Settings > Home > Items > select Windows Default to get the Titanium interface and reboot did not solve the problem.

Any ideas which WM file is the culprit? Thanks.

P.S. Sorry, the board does not let me post links as I'm too new here. :)

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Post by *siealex »

Try to install a today screen theme from WM 6.1 or earlier.
We are not so S.M.A.R.T. as we imagine...

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