<UTIL>Redate whole dir-trees folders to youngest file

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Re: <UTIL>Redate whole dir-trees folders to youngest file

Post by *Hacker » 2019-10-28, 22:13 UTC

That should be requested by the thread starter.

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Re: <UTIL>Redate whole dir-trees folders to youngest file

Post by *Usher » 2019-10-29, 00:57 UTC

Request after 7 years? You must be kidding. If you feel it's really needed, just ask the original poster on your own, please. Explain that topic titles should be more helpful for newbies rather than misleading.

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Now my second proposition: Split the topic.
Move new messages (2019 year only) concerning SetFolderDate only and create separate topic for this plugin. There is NO such a topic so far in this subforum.
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