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Post by *Peter »


it would be great if there would be some screenshots of configuration and usage ;-)
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Re: Plugin - Git Commander - Git and total commander!

Post by *valexiev »

Unfortunately this plugin is too slow for me to be usable as extra info columns.

If I set a custom column to display the last commit message affecting each file, the file info rows are displayed one by one and it takes say 5s for about 30 files in the panel. Here's my config

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Contents3=[=gitcmd.SizeAndBranch]\n[=gitcmd.LastDate]\n[=gitcmd.FallAuthor]: [=gitcmd.FallMessage] ([=gitcmd.FallAge])

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Re: Plugin - Git Commander - Git and total commander!

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Did you sort by one of the GIT columns? If yes, TC has to retrieve all the values in the foreground, which can be very slow.
If no, then the plugin needs to be updated to support the retrieval of fields in a background thread.
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