Wanted: new / modified / integrated "tabed Lister" function

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Wanted: new / modified / integrated "tabed Lister" function

Post by *Peter » 2019-07-08, 12:02 UTC

The plugin TLister displays all lister windows (F3) in one single window with tab.


Great idea, but it has some bugs and is not maintained for some years.

So - wanted (I suppose there is a common interest behind this request):

a) Someone who maintains and fix the current version
b) Someone who creates a new / better / quicker / greater / more awesome / more fantastic plugin
c) someone special (@Ghisler :wink: ) who integrates a tab-function into TC

Would be fine if a plugin-dev sees a challenge here ..
TC 9.22a / #266191
Win 7 x64 / Win 10 x64

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