Did you EVER use Norton Commander?

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Did you EVER use (the good ol') Norton Commander?

Yes, I actually DID use it
No, never used it
Maybe I used it, I can't remember
What's "Norton Commander"??? (is it like Symantec Commander or something ...???)
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Post by *HolgerK »

Kane242 wrote:The only filemanager i liked that could handle transfers via serial/parallel connection.
only :?: :shock:

TC:"Net->PORT connection To Other PC.." :wink:

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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

That's the parallel port part only, for the serial port you need my serial plugin:
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Post by *Phr3d »

NC - NU, good comment on the Symantec Commander, lol (you DO recall that there actually was such a thing, right? NC Windows sold Well over 100 copies). Recall, also, that M$ was a -joke-.. No One thought they would ever write a decent software package, and additions to DOS past 3.0 were subcontracted, Bill was busy trying to fake Lisa/AppleII's.

Too bad Peter took their offer, it is still incredible to me that a (rather poor) game software house was able to buy up one of the few great hardware tweakers/software designers. fwiw, I read everything that Peter ever wrote as well. It was an early sign of what was to (has) come.

Hope he is fat and happy with all that symantschlock stock, heheh.

I made the switch to Christian's software at the recommendation of a sweet Swiss woman that I symposium'd with as the subject of Peter's demise came up over drinks and I admitted that I was still using NC under Win (put it in batch, called win from command line, exit Win when I needed to do some Real work).

I never looked back... but do wish that he had been able to create a Fast, simple NU clone in all that spare time he has.
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