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Posted: 2006-08-15, 23:31 UTC
by caypiranha
ctrl+ r was also always for me for refreshing. F2 i didnt´know at all (and i love using hotkeys in TC) but F2 for renaming is in the rest of the windowsworld very common. SO it would be almost a logical prozedure to give that feature to TC!

ALT + F4 was always a little to unhandy... long way, specially fpr smaller fingers. So I used the slightly doublekick for that... a bit dodgy always!!

Secret short cut…

Posted: 2006-08-16, 05:40 UTC
by Clo

:) Hello!

• You can close TC with a single finger using Alt+X, generally these keys are beside one another… ;)

:mrgreen: Kind regards,

Re: Secret short cut…

Posted: 2006-11-02, 21:22 UTC
by MPS
Clo wrote:• You can close TC with a single finger using Alt+X
nice one :)

Posted: 2007-01-24, 18:27 UTC
by compie
Why isn't "F2=rename" the default setting in TC7 public beta 3?

Posted: 2007-02-10, 08:30 UTC
by Fussel
Please don't change the standard keys!!

I still use Norton Commander in DOS, I use Midnight Commander in Linux, I use CC in NetWare, I use TotalCommander in Windows. Can you imagine the confusion if the standard keys were not the same??

I never use a mouse in any of these programs, I totally rely on the function keys. I use them automatically, without thinking, and very fast. Small wonder, since I'm used to them for nearly 20 years ...

Yes, you could change the standard behaviour to your liking, but if you (like me) install new machines every day and make a TC shareware installation to every new machine (hopefully bringing you new customers!), you simply don't have the time to change much. Same when I'm called to administrate machines without TC on them (yes, there are some ;) ): first thing I do is download TC. And since I'm usually in a hurry then, I have to use it with standard options.


I support the idea to make templates for new and old users, like some of my predecessors suggested, as long as the standard mapping remains the same as before.

Like some other people already said: If you want some program to behave like Explorer, then use Explorer! (shudder ...)

Keep up the good work! Best program I ever worked with!


Posted: 2007-02-10, 12:46 UTC
by ThurahT
Best post this week.. : ) I totally agree...

Posted: 2007-02-11, 06:56 UTC
by sas2000
I'm agree too.

Posted: 2007-02-11, 10:22 UTC
by petermad
As spoken out of my mouth !

Posted: 2007-02-11, 11:30 UTC
by m^2
It's not a problem if you don't install TC, but copy it. As I do so, for me it makes no difference whether there's F2 or CTRL+F6. And I think that for most newcomers F2 is better. As most people do.

Posted: 2007-02-12, 16:20 UTC
by MPS
just leave it as an option to assign function keys...

Games and F2

Posted: 2007-02-12, 17:17 UTC
by Clo

:) I agree ! And just a thought about this :

• In Windows games (who never played with ?), the new game is… F2 ! So, it's alright a kind of refresh, isn't it ?

• Hence, one can't claim that F2 for refresh is not a Win short cut ! :P

:mrgreen:  Kind regards,

Posted: 2007-02-14, 16:39 UTC
by Achiles
Old and new user templates - that's a great idea, I for one would go crazy if F2 wouldn't refresh the directory, instead it would make me type some unwanted name to a file. It could happen with a new installation with reassigned shortcuts.

I mean, F2=refresh - it's the way it's meant to be :)

Posted: 2007-03-05, 20:15 UTC
by Nyks
Wow, 60 % voted for F2 = rename should be default, only 24 voted for "no".

Will this be implemented?
fabiochelly wrote:Personaly, I use F2 to rename
How to change this?

Posted: 2007-03-05, 23:45 UTC
by petermad
How to change this?
"Configuration" -> "Misc." -> "Redifine hotkeys (Keyboard remapping)" -> "Hotkey"

Posted: 2007-03-05, 23:45 UTC
by m^2
Configuration->Misc->Redefine keys->F2->cm_RenameOnly