Which font are you using in the file panel?

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Which font are you using in the file list?

TC-Standard (MS Sans Serif) bold
TC-Standard (MS Sans Serif) normal
An other font
Total votes: 170

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Post by *ATLUS » 2012-08-03, 13:56 UTC

i am using Tahoma fonts.

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Post by *CoMiKe » 2012-08-06, 19:12 UTC

Microsoft Sans Serif, Normal, 8 under Windows
Liberation Sans, Normal, 8 under Linux (Wine)

And I increased MinLineHeight to -6 pixels on both systems for much better readability. :)

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Post by *vladputin » 2012-08-07, 12:14 UTC

That's Tahoma, 8, regular

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Post by *j7n » 2014-02-25, 14:02 UTC

Tahoma font, standard for Office 2000 and Windows 2000.

On 1024*768 or larger screen, when I began using the computer the standard was 800*600, I use it in 10pt. But since it doesn't alllow for too much information in each column, and file names overall are getting longer beyond reason, I leave it at 8pt on anything but HD resolutions when putting Total Commander on other people's screens. I leave it bolded or not, depending on how I feel at that moment, without consistency.

I always replace the Sans Serif with Tahoma. Always. MS Sans Serif just doesn't look finished and even. I'd use "Trebuchet MS" if given no other choice.

Some people who came from Windows 98 era, have created articles online about how to eradicate Tahoma and replace it with MS Sans Serif again. I don't get them.

When I had my Windows 98 PC and experimented with it, I renamed the Tahoma font to MS Sans Serif so that it would add modern look to all Windows dialogs. That caused problems because lines of text would occasionally become longer, and get cut off or word-wrapped. But I like this font.

For some reason it looks "modern" exactly at 8pt. At 10pt, which I use, it is still good but does no longer carry that "professional corporate" image of Windows 2000. The stability and seriousness of Windows NT 5 is embodied in the Tahoma font for me.
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Post by *Ovg » 2014-02-25, 14:47 UTC

Georgia 14 pt for file list
Georgia 11 pt bold for Main Window
Times New Roman 10 pt for dialog box
at 1920 x 1200 resolution
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Post by *sgp » 2014-05-10, 08:00 UTC

Tahoma 12 standard

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Post by *elgonzo » 2014-05-10, 13:12 UTC

I am just another member of the Tahoma crowd:
Tahoma 9 standard
Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1

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Post by *karlchen » 2014-05-12, 15:04 UTC

Hi, folks.

Cannot vote any more, because I did so years ago, 5+.
Once again changed my mind and my OSes and my fonts:
  • Filepanel: Liberation Sans 9 bold
  • Main window: Liberation Sans 9 bold
  • Dialog boxes: Tahoma 8
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Post by *speller2 » 2014-07-02, 04:30 UTC

Tahoma,9,normal, 1920x1080 screen resolution, 150% scale.

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@Arial Unicode MS 11,b

Post by *windunce » 2015-03-07, 18:17 UTC

Very readable.

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Post by *CAP-Team » 2015-07-01, 13:02 UTC

Currently Segoe UI, 8 pt.

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Post by *ddingley » 2015-09-12, 07:56 UTC

Consolas, 11 pt.

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Post by *Waldi-X » 2016-07-10, 13:49 UTC

Schrift Dateiliste Monospace:
DejaVu Sans Mono, 10, bold

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Post by *Horst.Epp » 2016-07-10, 15:28 UTC

Segoe UI, Semibold, 10
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Post by *air » 2016-09-03, 22:02 UTC

Verdana 8 and 10, 120 DPI

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