TC colors: dark or light background?

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Dark or light background ?

Dark background
Light background
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Post by *cripster »

Light Blue background, Dark Blue text.

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What Color

Post by *jorgea »

I'd use both colors

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Post by *j7n »

I use Windows 2000 standard black text on white background in 10pt Tahoma font, regular weight, and I've gotten rid of all DOS keyboard shortcuts too. :oops:

The Tahoma font is so carefully drawn at 8 and 10 points. Each pixel is in the right place in all the numerous international special characters. Linux people now use crude free fonts, which have to have anti-alias to look decent.
petermad wrote:Those pictures are perfect examples of why not to use ClearType anti aliasing ;-) - how can you live with looking at that blurry text ?
I can't stand ClearType. I have it off on my system, but some programs will still switch it on, most notably when Firefox uses downloadable fonts. This turns some strokes in black type purple, and others teal, like a badly converging picture tube. Those colors come out more when transcoding to JPEG with color subsampling, and/or cause screenshot files to be larger.

It also messes with font weights. All text becomes bolder. Fonts served by webpages is often too light, because they inted that ClearType be used.

There is no reason why good anti-aliasing like used by Photoshop, PDF-Xchange, or ffdshow subtitle renderer, among other things, couldn't be used instead. Even complex fonts look good at tiny sizes there.
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