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What can you say about Total Commander comments feature?

I use it
I don't use it
I didn't know about it
Total votes: 66

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Comments feature

Post by *Ergo » 2003-02-23, 11:36 UTC

I see that future is near...

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Post by *Hacker » 2003-02-25, 13:54 UTC

LOL, you should also ask people if they're Russian. ;)

Mal angenommen, du drückst Strg+F, wählst die FTP-Verbindung (mit gespeichertem Passwort), klickst aber nicht auf Verbinden, sondern fällst tot um.

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Post by *(john) » 2003-05-11, 23:08 UTC

Well... I use comments. Specifically FILES.BBS & DESCRIPT.ION comment files.

I was writing and operating bulletin board software longer than some of you may have been alive. For those of you that have not used comments, they go pretty far back and the implementation in TC is quite a treat.

Although I am in the USA and the web has devastated the BBS industry (yes, it was an industry) here, BBS still exist and may thrive. Especially where telephone and/or internet service is cost prohibative or non-existant.

Because there is probably (none)very little NEW BBS software written today, sysops use what they can find.. Which entails use of ancient voodoo magics that few know about today, err, standards of the BBS community.

If they offer files then there is a good chance they will be using the two comment files that sparked this poll.

Although I can acknowledge -extra- devotion to their support may not be warranted, nonetheless the feature is there and should be addressed as needed.

Ironically, I guess that my question and possible subsequent request about batch comment entry may be better served with my compiler. LOL

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