Find files (ALT+F7) checkbox "include system/hidden fil

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Will you appreciate new checkbox [x] include system/hidden files to search?

Yes, I will use it.
No, that make more wrong than good.
No, toogle this from outside (main TC window) is enough.
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Find files (ALT+F7) checkbox "include system/hidden fil

Post by *Wooff » 2010-08-20, 08:47 UTC

when system/hidden files are not shown, search for hidden files (e.g. boot.ini) give no match. Even you know that there IS such a file.
So, user hade to switch to show these files (Configuration->Option->Display->Show hidden/system files. And that start searching (ALT+F7). And than disable it again.

I would appreciate to have a check box "[x] include system/hidden files" in "Find files" window to toggle whether these files shoud be included in search or not.

Hope it is not so much work ((-: Thanks a lot, TC is great.

PS: To anybody who find toogling hidden files throught menu anoying.
To create keyboard shortcut to toggle show system/hidden files add new shortcut to wincmd.ini to section [Shortcuts]. Here I add it to button F12.

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Post by *fenix_productions » 2010-08-20, 11:18 UTC

Voted for "toggle enough" option.

Proposed solutions seems to bring too much hassle. The main issue for me is that you describe changing visibility for search results only.

In my case: it would be problematic because I often use "Feed to listbox" functionality. And while I am looking through results I often open file's directory in opposite panel. In your scenario it could mean that I wouldn't see needed file there.

For most of my work (90%?) I don't want to see hidden resources at all.

It would be better if such checkbox could just call cm_SwitchHidSys but it still seems redundant to me.
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Post by *Hacker » 2010-08-20, 15:15 UTC

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Post by *Matthias030 » 2010-08-24, 14:04 UTC

I always work with "show hidden/system files" enabled. In search I want to find all matching files: hidden, system and all other files. So your suggestion makes search not better for me.

If an option is created, then it should be only visible if "show hidden/system files" is turned off in tc configuration.

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