Option for Explorer levels logic when using of backspace.

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Do you want an option for Explorer levels logic when using of backspace ?

Yes, make it an option.
No, no becauose ... i just say no.
Total votes: 27

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MVV wrote:
gmb wrote: But if we're talking about using Backspace in drive root to go to Computer, I agree that such option should be added. Even more, I think that TC should go to Computer from drive root on Backspace if already existing option to show [..] item in root is enabled. Logic is simple - if I see [..] item, I can go up using Backspace too. :wink:
I completely agree. For all the talk of PRO and CONS it's refreshing to see someone still cares about logic. [..]-behaviour should be consistent no matter if you click on [..] with mouse, press enter or if you use a shortcut Backspace) for that.

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