How often do you try other file managers?

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How often do you try other file managers?

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Post by *GrayFace » 2011-09-19, 19:51 UTC

Once per life. That is, I once tried some file manager that is more of Explorer replacement actually, because there was a talk about it on a forum.
And of cause I use FAR for console programs. Don't know if that counts.

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Post by *Balderstrom » 2011-09-19, 20:52 UTC

One of the main problems I find with most alternative File Managers is their lack of customization with the file panel's columns (custom columns). Most of them don't even support the custom columns that Explorer does natively --- of which there are almost as many as TC has with plugins.

I've looked at Speed Commander, Servant Salamander, XYPlorer, File Boss and Double Commander this past weekend.

Double Commander:
  • Impressive. Can use many TC plugins out of the box (under windows)
    -- Otherwise the plugins need to be recompiled for Linux or Mac OSX.
  • 32/64bit.
  • Internal Scripting planned, but not implemented yet.
  • Cannot properly interface with AutoHotkey: no support for SendMessage.
  • Clean configuration menu. Many TC features already implemented.
  • Can enable built-in console in the window (above command-line).
  • Can assign internal hotkeys to whole application or specific controls.
  • Open Source. Change something if you don't like it.
Could possibly be a drop-in Total Commander replacement for many users.
  • May be one of the best non-Commander File Managers.
  • 32/64bit.
  • Internal Scripting.
  • Excellent customization.
  • Superb Search options.
  • Multi-level application wide Undo History (deletes, etc).
  • Too many features to list.
  • Developer actively listens to feedback and implements a lot of user requests.
  • *No custom columns (yet) [aside from a few that are filetype agnostic].
  • No descript.ion comment support.
The main menu is a bit overloaded - not able to create a custom menu.

FileBoss: has a lot of excellent features, but the interface feels clunky and awkward. 32/64bit. *No custom columns.

Speed Commander: has excellent features, and significant customization, but there is No English Help. 32/64bit. The developer seems to actually go out of his way to prevent English Documentation (or even any other languages) from being created.

Servant Salamander: Cannot change hotkeys for any Internal Commands.. Completely Unacceptable.

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