Cached CD-Drive-Directories

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Do you want cached CD-Drive-directories?

doesn't matter
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Cached CD-Drive-Directories

Post by *marci »

Hi there,

I'ld like to have support of the following feature in future TC-Version:

If I switch to a CD-Drive TC should recognize, that it is a readonly device. So why couldn't it be possible to read out the id of the inserted CD. Based on this CD-id TC should store the file- and directorycontent (just name, icon, date and so on - not the filedata) of each directory I'll enter. If I put in this CD later, TC just has to read the CD-id and can restore the whole content of previously visited directories. This is much faster and reduces CD-Access while installing software from CD and accessing other directories while installing. Of course there is the hidden Noreread setting in the wincmd.ini, but it doesn't do caching. Maybe you can build-up an automated extra-tool, that can be used to lookup the cached data (like "where is it"). Let's think about it.
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Make a true poll

Post by *Clo »

:)  Hello !
• Please, could you complete that thread, to allow a vote ?
* You might move this posting to the English topic, then show the poll itself here...

:mrgreen:  Kind regards,
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Post by *DSE »

good idea,

but i don't know if CDR/CDRW has an UID !

If this fonction is possible, please take consideration about that :

- do this (CD scan) only on demand (new menu command)
- store each cd info on individual file (better for maintenance if filename = cd title)
- these files should be stored in a configurable directory (TC subfolder by default)
- simply use tree popup (alt-F10) to display.


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Post by *Thany »

I voted yes because cacheing is always good :)
Only I'm not really sure what is to be cached... The OS already saves directories in the regular filecache, which includes CD directories, of course.

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