Path Edit : Autocomplete feature

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Would you like an autocomplete feature while editing path ?

Total votes: 129

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Path Edit : Autocomplete feature

Post by *Tsunulukai » 2003-03-04, 12:21 UTC

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Post by *soreno » 2003-03-04, 13:43 UTC

It would be great if it was <tab> completion - just like bash uses. :D

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ben hub
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Post by *ben hub » 2003-03-04, 19:54 UTC

<tab> completion - just like bash uses
I totally agree - bash is very powerful for this
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Post by *Geoffrey » 2003-03-04, 19:56 UTC

I support it too

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Bash tab completion

Post by *haya » 2004-03-03, 13:21 UTC

Yes !
Very goooood ideea with tab completition, but not only for paths !

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Dark One
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Post by *Dark One » 2004-06-11, 02:47 UTC

This is one off-the-topic protest:

I've checked out almost all of the polls today. I believe that in feature-suggestion polls most people voted like: "new stuff? of course!", "yeah, great", etc... without putting their minds to it. There are too many "that would be great!" posts with no sign of a reasonable explanation.

I'm not saying that the Path Edit Box should be kicked out of commander just because I find it ultimatelly useless. But this kind of voting and posting is the reason several last versions of commander came with (in my opinion) too many worthless features.

Let me see: panels above each other, comment support, this path box, [..] in drive root, displaying Windows shell folders like Control Panel, Printers (we so didn't need that), etc...

No offence, people... just had to get this off my chest...

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Post by *Flint » 2004-06-11, 06:32 UTC

Dark One
With many features included everyone can choose a set of the features for use that fit to him best. As for me, for example, I also find vertical panels placement unuseful, but [..] and comments I use very frequently. Of course if the feature cannot be turned off it may be worse than absence of it...

What about the autocomplition: I would like it but there can be one inconvenience: I use TAB to quickly jump from command-line to panel without clearing current command line. So if th? autocomplition will be released, it would be better to have possibility to set your own shortcuts for the autocompletion itself, or for jumping onto panel, or for both them.
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Post by *Flex » 2004-07-01, 10:08 UTC

Ok, here's some explaination from me - why I like such feature :)

the autocomplete feature is the thing that keeps me using windows explorer. I know my computer, I know where my files are and ca reach 10th folder level depth on any drive in a matter of 5 sec without looking at folder lists->double click->look at the new list->etc... i.e. using the keyboard instead of the mouse is often the faster solution.

About the tab completion or the windows way - I prefer the second one - seeing a short list of foders while typing and navigatin with the arrows can further increase the selection speed when some folders have similar names and have to type 80% of the name to select one of them. It can be done as an external window... just activate with some hotkey and small form has been popped up containing the editbox where you type the folder name. Or something like that

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Post by *ottodostal » 2004-11-08, 12:06 UTC

I did't find any use for autocomplete in any microsoft products. It is usually source of many mistakes and confusions and I must spend my precious time correcting the stupid suggestions the autocomplete made. Why would anyone want such crap in such great software as TC?' :shock:

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Post by *SanskritFritz » 2004-11-08, 12:30 UTC

Could you please read what Flex wrote just before your posting?
Your comment would be then: I would like to have that option made optional.
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Post by *Roeland » 2004-11-14, 20:51 UTC

I'm not interested in autocomplete, but please leave Tab for switching panels

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Post by *Jonas » 2004-11-18, 22:43 UTC

Roeland wrote:I'm not interested in autocomplete, but please leave Tab for switching panels
In Krusader we solved this issue like this:
If the focus is on a panel, TAB switches the panel. If the focus/cursor is in the location-bar, TAB actes for auto-completion. I think this solution could also be adapted for TC

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