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Do you prefer to have a virtual searching result list?

Posted: 2004-04-16, 21:38 UTC
by which
So that you can edit the results (e.g. take off those useless results first).

Posted: 2004-04-17, 22:54 UTC
by oblomov
I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Posted: 2004-04-19, 16:37 UTC
by pdavit
I need too a more detailed explanations as I'm not familiar with the term "virtual searching results". I can then proceed by casting my vote! ;)

Posted: 2004-04-20, 15:53 UTC
by which
What I mean is that, like some catalog software, your searching result is just an image of true files. You can edit this list, without affect the true files. For example, when you search something, you may get a big amount of results, some of them are not relative. You would like to eliminate them. You can just choose and delete them. and then go on doing the rest ones.

Of course somebody may say, you can export to a list and edit this list and then import again. First it is not so convenient; second, when you export and import, the dot line between them disappeared and it is more difficult to edit. In addition, for a virtual searching result, you may do another search and append result to this one, it is quite easy, just like a txt documents. The main purpose, is to make the searching more powerful and freedom

Posted: 2004-04-21, 07:05 UTC
by SanskritFritz
This sounds more or less like a virtual file list, a long awaited feature in TC.