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Re: Your name on the title bar!

Posted: 2018-09-13, 21:29 UTC
by Hacker
Here is a short AHK script that replaces your name in the title bar to anything you want, by default to Perplexer. It updates the title bar regularly, by default every second.

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; Change the following two lines as desired
AppendTitleBarText = Perplexer
UpdateFrequencyInMs = 1000

WinGetTitle, TcTitleBarWithoutNameText, ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD
TcTitleBarWithoutNameText := SubStr(TcTitleBarWithoutNameText, 1, InStr(TcTitleBarWithoutNameText, " - ") + 2)

SetTimer, ChangeTCTitle, %UpdateFrequencyInMs%

	WinSetTitle, ahk_class TTOTAL_CMD, , %TcTitleBarWithoutNameText%%AppendTitleBarText%