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What should be the default left click on titlebar behavior?

Don't change the current behavior. The "dir up"-feature is useless too me.
Don't change the current behavior. Add a keyboard modifier like CTRL to activate the new "dir up" feature.
Left click will activate the new "dir up"-feature. A delayed left click will be used to edit the path.
I count the dirs I want to go up and simply type cd . (number of points = number of dirs to go up * 2)); for example cd .......... for 5 dirs up.
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Change the behavior to the same as in Servant Salamander. Double click to open the directory list is not required. The new button is just fine.
I have another idea. See me post below.
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Re: except one---

Post by *Sheepdog »

pdavit wrote:
Clo wrote:...Frigate’s direct path selection mode: » where the link seems good, but the image fg1.png itself is missing.
It does work here again! I think Clo you should probably start consider a new browser, or some patches! ;)
Maybe there were some troubles with last night? Me myself had problems to access the pics via http while ftp worked fine. But a reload did the trick, so I dared to sent you the link.

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Post by *Hacker »

BTW: Panos, AngelFire disabled direct linking a long time ago IIRC, showing the blocked-thingy image instead of a pic. Downloading the pics/files through TC should be allright or creating a simple html with link to those pics.

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Post by *pdavit »

Hacker wrote:AngelFire disabled direct linking...
I guess that’s the answer to my problems! I did predict that. Thanks!

Still though if you copy the link and then paste it in a browser it works! Isn’t that a direct link since you are directly accessing a file and not an html page?

Anyway, since I really want to avoid html development for the time being (even a simple template is time consuming) I should be remarking your suggested method on retrieving the files on my posts! :(
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