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Re: UC2-related bugs (Re: Replace UC2 in TC packer menus with anything another)

Posted: 2020-02-05, 19:22 UTC
by DrShark
DrShark wrote: 2019-11-12, 20:51 UTC5. This bug if half of TC and half of UC2, and was partially fixed in 2010:
HISTORY.TXT wrote:22.01.10 Fixed: Open an UC2-packed file could leave a file "U$~reslt.ok" in directory of the archive -> explicitly delete it
However, under following coditions the file U$~RESLT.OK still appears:
1. Start TC, dirs in left & right panels may be completely different.
2. Open uc2 archive in left panel.
3. Press Tab to switch to right panel.
4. Refresh right panel with Ctrl+R: you'll see U$~RESLT.OK file there.

This U$~RESLT.OK is created only 1st time I open uc2 archive in certain panel.

Problems caused by this bug: U$~RESLT.OK file appears and stays undeleted in a path of panel opposite to one where archive is opened, and the timestamp of a folder in that opposite panel changes to a time of that U$~RESLT.OK file creation.
Actually pressing Ctrl+U before opening archive has been required to reliably reproduce it. I can confirm that it has been fixed with following fix:
history950.txt wrote:28.01.20 Fixed: uc2: when listing content of archives, a file u$~reslt.ok was created in the current directory (not necessarily the one of the archive) (32)
in TC 9.50 RC2.
DrShark wrote: 2019-11-12, 20:51 UTC1 and 2. Bugs 1 and 2 (related). For both following bugs it looks like TC doesn't pass some correct 8.3 name at some stage of dealing with UC.EXE, so I consider below as TC bugs. To reproduce:
1) open in both TC panels the same path, but using different names:
in 1st panel open its long name path, so it will look like c:\longnametest\1\,
and 2nd pane open its 8.3 path, so it will look like c:\longna~1\1\
2) make a long name file in this dir with f.e. "name.eng.txt" as a long name with its "nameen~1.txt" as a 8.3 one
3) Execute cm_switchlongnames command, so TC will show 8.3 name of file "name.eng.txt" in 1st panel
4) bug 1: in a panel with 8.3 path (2nd panel in above steps),
try to pack nameen~1.txt: it will fail with error from UC2:

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SYSTEM ERROR: path not found (attempting to create C:\LONGNANMETEST\1\U$$VRKAI.TMP)
Packing from panel with long path (2nd panel in above steps) will work fine, you'll get an archive nameen~1.uc2 with a file nameen~1.txt inside. We'll use it to reproduce next bug.
5) bug 2: try to open the archive nameen~1.uc2 we made in step 4 from 1st panel (where current path is a long name path), TC will show an error:

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Total Commander
Error in packed file c:\longnametest\1\nameen~1.uc2!
Notes: unpacking archives with Alt+F6 works for both long and 8.3 path panels.
Bugs doesn't seem to occur if cm_swithlongnames mode is off (=TC shows long names in panel filelist).
I can confirm issue 2 has also been fixed in TC 9.50 RC2, and issue 1 has been fixed in TC 9.50 final (both bugfixes uncredited).

I suggest to move this post to Fixed bugs subforum, and above post to Behaviour will not be changed one (then I'll edit it to reflect changes on what was actually fixed as of now).

Re: Replace UC2 in TC packer menus with anything another

Posted: 2021-04-19, 06:50 UTC
by MaxX
Any feedback, please?
Now is the best time to do this... Beta testing is in progress, we have enough time until final comes...