Trapped in "Run As Administrator" loop

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Trapped in "Run As Administrator" loop

Post by *cpt.raceface »


I couldn't get out of the "Run As Administrator" login dialog. My fault? Or no way out?

- delete folder given as UNC path that is located under unix system and popularized via samba
- current user doesn't have sufficient rights for this operation
- TC offers a dialog "Run As Administrator"
- enter invalid information

Actual behavior:
Enter any invalid value or press cancel and the dialog keeps popping up again and again.

Expected behavior:
The cancel button should take me out of the dialog.


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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Thanks for your bug report.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it. When I enter invalid user name or password, I get an error message that tcmadmin couldn't be started, and then the function aborts. Tested with TC 7.04a. What do you get after entering an invalid user name or password?
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