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Forum rules, Wiki, Guidelines for Moderators

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Forum rules - last revision Feb. 21, 2011

Welcome to our forum at! In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible please take your time to read through this document, it will help you navigate the pits and traps this community has created for new members. ;)

1.) Read up before asking! There is a dedicated FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on the Total Commander homepage!

1a.) Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.

2.) Respect the netiquette: Lurk and get to know the forum before you post.

3.) Keep the focus: Questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

4.) Be nice to each other and respect the moderator. Profanity and insults will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member turn to the respective moderator and if the moderator can't help you send a private message to Admin.

5.) Do not spam. No blatant advertising.

6.) No warez! Links to content of questionable nature are not tolerated.

7.) Keep the size of personal images down.

8.) No cross posting. Post your message to the appropriate forum and nowhere else or it will be locked or deleted without warning.

9.) Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention.

10.) Do not email the moderators to get support for Total Commander.

11.) Don't post just to increase your number of posts. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then don't post. The number of posts on this board has no direct relation to the experience of a member.

12.) How NOT to post on this forum:
  • 5 minutes after your initial post you reply to your own post writing something like "Why is nobody helping me? I'm sure you know the answer".
  • Once somebody replies to your thread but doesn't give you exactly the answer you've been expecting you insult them.
  • Do not ask "what's best" because this question cannot be answered objectively. Each and everyone has their own view about what's best in a certain area. The best is what works best for you!
If you don't comply with these rules you'll have to face a set of sanctions, including the banning of your account or IP address.


Original post
A Total Commander Knowledge Base in the form of a Wiki has been put online. It is meant to offer the knowledge that has accumulated in these support forum over the time in a structured and concise form. Even though the Wiki is relatively new, it is a good idea to check it out before starting a new thread.
The TC Wiki is based on the same software that Wikipedia is using. It allows every registered user of the forum to edit or add new articles.
We invite you not only to browse the Wiki but also to improve existing or add completely new articles.
The Wiki is currently available in two languages:
English Wiki
German Wiki

And last - a short note: The topic Useful 3rd party tools to complement TC in the Plugin Forum has become far too long and thus not very useful as a resource. Therefore we recommend adding links to useful tools to the Wiki page called Tools.


Guidelines for Moderators
Original post
Here is a list of possible moderator actions (last revision Sep. 27, 2004):
  1. If a thread title describes the first posting in a thread inaccurately we'll try to find a better title and suggest that title to the author.
  2. If we find double postings which cannot be removed by the author because another user has replied, we'll delete the double posting.
  3. If we think a thread is going offtopic and probably will not quite soon return to the original topic we'll split the thread into a new offtopic thread. The new thread will be placed into the same forum as the original thread.
  4. Provocations will be treated as offtopic. We'll add comments to provocations and tell the user to stop provocations immediately.
  5. If a user uses insulting words we'll make them unrecognizable.
  6. If a posting links to illegal stuff we'll make it unrecognizable.
  7. Don't tell users what they should or should not write and don't moderate other users. If you think moderator interaction is required please send an email to a moderator of your choice. (Hacker / sheep)
  8. If you want to comment on a moderator's comment or action please send him an email. (Hacker / sheep / Clo)
We and these guidelines, too, are currently at an evaluation level. That means some guidelines can change if it helps to improve the quality of moderation.

You can discuss these guidelines at .

By the way, for those of you who have read the first version of these guidelines, we don't have to use the red color anymore (hooray!), as a Moderation MODification for phpBB has been installed in these forums.
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