NewTimeZoneMethod=0 by default, even on Win7/8

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What is more important for a new TC version to follow ?

consistency with new versions of Explorer
consistency with older versions of TC
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NewTimeZoneMethod=0 by default, even on Win7/8

Post by *fredscal »


I suggest that the default setting for NewTimeZoneMethod be 0, even on Windows 7/8 systems.

The reason is: it messes with those of us who use TC for backups.
(I know it certainly messed with me !)

I suppose the relevant question is: are there more users interested in consistency with Windows Explorer than users interested in consistency with prior versions of TC ?

Me anyway, I'm a convinced TC user, so I consistently ignore Explorer, and whatever change Microsoft may mess it up with.

Am I an isolated case here ?

Now, my argument may be silly from a technical point of view... I wouldn't know. Don't beat me too hard if my argument is silly ;-). Just explain it to me.
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Post by *ghisler(Author) »

I disagree. NewTimeZoneMethod=0 is ideal when you use FAT32 - then the timestamps on FAT32 drives do not change when switching from/to daylight saving time. NewTimeZoneMethod=1 is ideal for NTFS - then timestamps on NTFS drives doesn't change. Since all new Windows computers now come with NTFS, it makes sense to use NewTimeZoneMethod=1, which the Explorer uses too.
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Post by *white »

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Post by *MVV »

Do you make your backups more often than one per hour? If not, why does +1 hour difference matters for old backup within the same computer?

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