How to paste clipboard content into file?

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How to paste clipboard content into file?

Post by *jelinek.01 » 2019-05-07, 09:02 UTC

would it be please possible to make a function to directly paste clipboard into file? Something similar to "edit new file" (SHIFT+F4).
It could ask for a new file name (based on bile under cursor) the same way as shift+F4 does, then save current clipboard content into that file (with a shortcut e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+V, but one can set that according to his/her preferences).
It would help a lot e.g. developers with exporting configurations, making extracts from various sources... (in my case exporting DB package creation scripts).
Thanks, Jakub.

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Re: paste into file

Post by *Stefan2 » 2019-05-07, 09:06 UTC

Hi Jakub, see

Clipboard 2 File

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