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TC 9.50 - Tips & Tricks for new user

Post by *Stefan2 » 2019-10-17, 07:48 UTC

Some tips for tester or new user about issues I am faced on my own using a fresh TC "installation":

TC 9.50beta1 - 2019-10-16
- - - WARNING: This is a pre-release version. Do not use this version with critical data!
- - - WARNUNG: Dies ist eine Vorabversion. Verwenden Sie diese Version nicht mit kritischen Daten!

You can install the new TC version parallel to the old one in a different folder.

Also you can just update your old TC version with this new version,
now on installation time, or later, by copying the newer files over the old files.
The newer files will not modify your settings, as the "wincmd.ini" will not be touched.
But if you have modified TC default files (namely the *.inc and the language files),
they may become updated, so make a backup of you TC folder, just in case.
(Backup: Just copy the whole TC folder to another place and also copy the two ini files,
see Help menu > About Total Commander... > INI-Files:)

- - -

To become registered, copy your bought license file "wincmd.key" to
the new TC folder, or use TC as shareware during the trial period.
See for hints how to buy Total Commander.

- - -

Depending on settings, the new TC will use your old configuration file "wincmd.ini"
or create a new one, e.g. into AppData folder.
See TC Help menu > About Total Commander... > INI-Files:

To have something to play with and drop afterwards, without mess with your work wincmd.ini,
you can copy the old wincmd.ini to the new TC folder,
or just create a new, fresh wincmd.ini, as just an empty plain text file in the new TC folder.

To tell TC to use the wincmd.ini in the TC folder,
modify the wincmd.ini and add "UseIniInProgramDir=7" below of a "[Configuration]"-section:

Code: Select all

UseIniInProgramDir=7 ;7=use this wincmd.ini in TC folder
That's all. On next TC start TC will use the wincmd.ini file from TC folder.

Also, you could rename your old wincmd.ini and let TC create a new one.
Later on just restore the renamed ini file to get your old settings back.

Also in the wincmd.ini, you may add a few keyboard shortcut keys
to a "[Shortcuts]"-section, to let TC act like default WindowsTM:

Code: Select all

;Enable 'F2'-key to RENAME, additional to origin 'Shift+F6'
;Enable 'Ctrl+F' to SEARCH (find-files), additional to origin 'Alt+F7'     
;Use 'Ctrl+O' to launch DOS-Box in current path
;Disable 'Alt+F4' (Exit, close program), load Help instead
;Disable 'F8' (Delete), load Help instead

- - -

To get a menu with almost any possible TC command, you may want to use an alternate Language file:


Or Extended English Menus for Total Commander (by petermad) >

Or German / Deutsch
Menu für Total Commander v9.00 mit (fast) allen internen Kommandos >
TC Extended German Menu 9.0 >

- - -

Some default keyboard shortcuts:

Code: Select all

F3 = show a file in internal LISTER 
F4 = open file with NOTEPAD.exe
F5 = COPY selected to other panel
F6 = MOVE selected to other panel
F7 = create a new FOLDER
Shift+F4 = create a new (text) FILE and open in NOTEPAD

- - -

Show tabs

Configuration > Options... > Folder Tabs >>> [x] Show tab header also when there is only one tab

Double click on the tab line to open another tab.

- - -

Mouse selection

Configuration > Options... > Operation >>> Mouse selection mode: (o) Left mouse button (Windows standard)

Be aware of automatically enabled "[x]Rubber band selection" (hold LMB and drag over an area to select many items)

- - -

Sorting directories

Configuration > Options... > Display >>> Sorting directories (o)Like files (also by time)

(Note: Folders are always sorted above all files, never mixed alphabetically with files)

- - -

More information for German users:
FAQs: Meine ersten Einstellungen für einen brandneuen TC


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And now smtg completely different:


PowerShell console;

Get-CimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem | select Caption,Version,OSArchitecture,MUILanguages,OSLanguage,CountryCode,Locale,CodeSet
Get-WmiObject Win32_VideoController | select Description,VideoModeDescription
Get-ItemProperty 'HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics' | select AppliedDPI

Possible Result:
Caption : Microsoft Windows 10 HereaVersionIfAny
Version : 10.0.17763
OSArchitecture : 64-Bit
MUILanguages : {en-US, de-DE}
OSLanguage : 1033
CountryCode : 49
Locale : 0407
CodeSet : 1252

Description : Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
VideoModeDescription : 1920 x 1080 x 4294967296 Farben

AppliedDPI : 96

Windows OS Versionsnummern:

Code: Select all

3.5 -- NT 3.5
4.0 -- NT 4.0
5.0 -- Windows 2000

Code: Select all

5.1 -- Windows XP

Code: Select all

6.0 -- Windows Vista

Code: Select all

6.1 --  Windows 7  Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise -- Oktober 2009 -- 7600.16385	
6.1.7600 -- Win7 NT 6.1
6.1.7601 -- Win7 NT 6.1 SP1

Code: Select all

6.2 --  Windows 8  Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT, Windows 8 Enterprise[4]  26. -- Oktober 2012  -- 92001	
6.2.9200 -- Win8

Code: Select all

6.3 --  Windows 8.1  Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1 Enterprise -- 18. Oktober 2013--  96001	
6.3.9200 -- Win8.1
6.3.9600 -- Win8.1 Update1

Code: Select all

10.0 -- Windows 10	
10.0.10240 -- Windows 10 (1507)
10.0.10586 -- Windows 10 (1511)
10.0.14393 -- Windows 10 (1607)
10.0.15063 -- Windows 10 (1703)
10.0.16299 -- Windows 10 (1709)
10.0.17134 -- Windows 10 (1803)
10.0.17763 -- Windows 10 (1809)
10.0.18362 -- Windows 10 (1903) 19H1

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