Permissions 1.11 (Content plug-in)

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Re: Permissions 1.11 (Content plug-in)

Post by *Schrotty »

I have installed the Plugin but don't see any info. How use it? In the readme there is no information.
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Re: Permissions 1.11 (Content plug-in)

Post by *white »

The data provided by content plugins can be used in several internal functions of Total Commander. See:

Does this help?
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Re: Permissions 1.11 (Content plug-in)

Post by *mikedepetris »

Thanks for the plugin, configured custom columns and a custom view tu use them, works well on my local drives.
I also often access a NAS shared directories where permissions PR, PW and PE are always shown as "no", I understand unc paths on network directories are not supported as they use a different way of assign permission attributes. Would it be better to display "--" or something to show that permission attributes can't be read?
Works without issues anyway, thanks again.
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