(feature request) - font size on file list

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(feature request) - font size on file list

Post by *IlanSh »

- allow smaller fonts for some of the columns

Reason: When sorting according to date etc I usually don't need to view the date. Smaller font will be helpful.
It will allow for wider name column, as names are often too long to show entirely.

Other similar solutions: Button and Keyboard shortcut to show/hide columns except name column
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Re: (feature request) - font size on file list

Post by *hi5 »

I doubt that will be possible but I did see a new feature in XYplorer recently "Make The Name Column Stand Out. Now you can dim the other columns slightly to highlight the name column." (so name is black, other columns a lighter shade) maybe that is doable, maybe not.

In the meantime setup a different view mode to hide / make narrow(er) the columns that you're less interested in.
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