[WFX] Android ADB 7.3

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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *mortalis »

nsp wrote: 2020-09-29, 06:32 UTC Hi,
Can you give a look on the ADB properties dialog.
Select Native 8.1 ls -la this should solve issues in folder name.
Also check that you have latest ADB/Fastboot binaries from google android platform.
Hope this helps.
Thank you, very helpful.
Now the files and folders are rendered correctly when having spaces.
And I can rename and remove them without problems.
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *hsotoma »

I solved the issue changing "file list command:" to Native 8.1 "ls -la" (shows hidden files and supports escaped paths on Android 8.1)...
this is changed in \\ADB -> Options
Hope this helps,
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *Skif_off »

Is it possible to add two versions for Linux?
I mean the current version with OpenSSL 1.1/OpenLDAP 2.4 and the version for more modern distributions with OpenSSL 3.0/OpenLDAP 2.5.
(Using Ubuntu as an example, for 16.04-20.04 and for 22.04+.)
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *tdklaus »

Hi all,

I have been using the ADB plugin successfully for many years, version 8.7 and 8.8 on several Windows-PCs. My Samsung Phone recently updated to Android 13, and now all I ever get to see in the device folder of the ADB plugin (in Network Neighborhood) is an empty folder, named like the Phone ID.

Tried updating the adb binaries to the latest 33.0.3, but no cigar...

Any idea what's going on here, and how to work around it?
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *Giovanni »

Anyone know a fix for this issue: https://github.com/doublecmd/doublecmd/issues/767
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *Vasilich »

i don't know whether is it possible to implement in TC for plugins, therefore i ask here:
When i have 2 opened dirs in 2 panels via this ADB plugin in same device,Is it possible to move files inside device instead of copying it from other folder to another and deleting original (how it happens now)?
I am trying to organize internal memory in my phone or tablet, and when trying to move video files, it can take ages to download them to PC and upload back to other folder, instead of just send move command to device to do this operation internally.
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Re: [WFX] Android ADB 7.3

Post by *joker »

For this, the operation must be executed locally. The only remote possibility would be a remote shell.
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