Include "detox"-function in multi-rename-tool

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Include "detox"-function in multi-rename-tool

Post by *lordmyschkin »

It would be just great if there would be a way to include a "detox"-function (e.g. replacing all german umlauts, french akzents, danish umlauts...) like the program "detox" does to prepare a directory to be included into a multi OS environment.
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Re: Include "detox"-function in multi-rename-tool

Post by *hi5 »

You can create your own. Open the multi-rename tool, press F1 to open the help, scroll a bit until the find/replace section and you'll see
Find and Replace wrote:Example: Replace Umlauts+Accents:
Search for: ä|ö|ü|é|è|ê|à Replace with: ae|oe|ue|e|e|e|a
You can of course add more characters to it or simply only allow a-z characters and remove everything else or other preferred variations.
Once you're happy with your "detox", you can save it (F2) and then load it again.

If you wish you can assign the MRT to a button, start menu or shortcut by using the MULTIRENAME = NAME_OF_SAVED_SEARCH (open mrt and load search) or MULTIRENAME == NAME_OF_SAVED_SEARCH (perform MRT directly, if there are no errors, close MRT again after renaming).
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