Does need plugins categorization?

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Does need plugins categorization?

Yes, we have TOO MANY addons
No, I like sorting by types only
Total votes: 20

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Does need plugins categorization?

Post by *Alextp »

Needs the site categorization by plugins functions, not only by types?
Currently we have more that 560 plugins and addons!
For example, site has the following categorization:
Current application releases (8)
Old application releases (54)

WFX PLUGINS (filesystem)
Disks, drives, filesystem (11)
External devices (20)
Lan and internet, monitoring (20)
Other (18)
Windows filesystem (21)
Files and temporary drives (5)

WCX PLUGINS (archives)
Archives (23)
Files catalog (7)
Disk and CD images (6)
Emulators (11)
Data crypting (5)
Far2wc archives (7)
Game archives (13)
Mail archives (2)
MultiArc archives (11)
Other (51)

WLX PLUGINS (view files)
Database files (7)
Executable files (6)
Multimedia files (44)
Other files (29)
Text files (22)
Advanced view of text files (11)

WDX PLUGINS (custom columns)
Multimedia (13)
Files (28)
Other files (17)

ADDONS (addons and tools)
External tools (28)
Archives (3)
Other - icons, menu, sounds (28)
Addons (32)

Help files, faq, docs (12)
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Post by *XPEHOPE3KA »

I guess that any categorization will satisfy all the users. But a possibility to categorize addons by yourself (like that was done in Clubtotal) would be awesome.
Therefore I'm thinking of a big database with these fields:
type=byte (0=wcx, 1=wdx, 2=wfx, 4=wlx, 8=exe, 16=multiarc addon, etc.);
key words=extension(s), what is it for - all words delimited with something but in one field;
key word for type=net|media|diskimages|...
prior homepage; (the database should be in multiple languages, so this field will be language-dependent; if there's no homepage then a forum topic with plugin's announce will count);
second homepage;
home download; download page; (language-dependent too:,
date of last update in the database;
state: obsolete, not supported, supported;

As it would be a, say, dbf, it would be a pretty project.
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Post by *Sir_SiLvA »

im satisfied with the way :)
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