Total Commander 6.55 Public Beta 2 available!

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Total Commander 6.55 Public Beta 2 available!

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Dear users of Total Commander!

Total Commander 6.55 Public Beta 2 is available now.

If you want to have a look at the beta, you can download it here:

32-bit version:

Mirror: Betanews

and the 16-bit version:

and finally the version for U3 USB sticks:

Important note: You need to allow the referer field of your browser, otherwise you will not be allowed to download this file. Some personal firewalls may block the referer field. To download the file, you need to go to the firewall configuration and allow the field for the site This is done so others cannot link to this file. You may also need to temporarily disable any external download managers you use.

What's new in Total Commander public beta 2?

There are almost only fixes, see the file history655.txt.

Please report any bugs you find here in the forum! Please put the text [Beta] in front of your thread titles so they can be distinguishes easily from other questions. Thanks!

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander