[Suggestion] Synchronize dirs (with ftp and txt files)

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[Suggestion] Synchronize dirs (with ftp and txt files)

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I lost a lot of time in order to understand why TotalCommander (6.56) was not able to synchronize one of my local files with my hosted webserver files.

Here are the details:
I work on a local copy of my website. I edit the files locally and when finished, I "Synchronize dirs" with the online version connected via ftp (with "ignore date" option enabled).
Since I only want to see the different files, I do not ask TotalCommander to show me the identical files (equal sign button in the toolbar).
In the present case, I had added 5 characters in a html file with exactly 5 lines.
And in this particular case, Total Commander thinks that the files only differ by line ends characters, and considers that the files are identical (it is explained in the Help section "Synchronize dirs and FTP servers"). In that case, the synchronize windows displays the files with an equal sign with "TXT" above (but only if you have the option to show the identical files enabled).

- Add a button in the "Synchronize dirs" window that could be enabled or disabled in order to see or not see the files with "a different number of characters exactly equal to their different number of lines" (i.e. do not show these files inside the "identical files" category, as done in version 6.56),
- Or add an option in the FTP configuration menu, that enables the user to choose if in this case, the files should appear in the "identical files category" or in the "different files category". Personally, I would choose the second one.

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