entered name while renaming is not space-trimmed auto

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Michael REMY
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entered name while renaming is not space-trimmed auto

Post by *Michael REMY » 2014-07-21, 05:49 UTC


i do a lot of renaming task.
when i copy-past a name contenaing space in the end, the windows explorer auto delete the over-space character (trim at end) while Total commander keeps this ending space.

it is boring, because , when you do a lot of copy-past from internet browser, it is not accurate 'cause there is always a lead or trailing space in your selection...

have a good day
i'm an old long user of TC since the windows 3.11 release !, for the history, i came to tc when i migrate from amiga commodore to PC where they are diskmanager and directory opus there.

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2014-07-21, 14:06 UTC

Just use the Explorer method in Total Commander if this bothers you: Ctrl+C Tab Ctrl+V.
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Post by *Markk786 » 2017-07-29, 01:25 UTC

Thanks qhisler.. helped me too.......

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Post by *robert34 » 2017-08-21, 06:23 UTC

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