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Should there be a 'clear history command' to clear the history without editing wincmd.ini by hand?

Yes, it would be very useful.
No, I'm glad that TC always remembers my commands etc.
I don't know, but if it has to be optional.
Total votes: 94

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Post by *Stance » 2009-10-21, 14:16 UTC

Balderstrom wrote:But the file size might get bigger, Stance, and 3 people using Win 3.1 might not be able to run total commander. File size of the binary is more important than features.
By reading the first post you can find out that there is the purpose to have the TC portable on a USB or to share a well configured Total Commander installation with friends and co-workers.
A good example of public relations. (Better sales, free updates)

I believe your argument is not valid. Face the truth: This problem didn't came up in Win 3.1 but in WinXP or so.
Whats the reason to take care about stoneage-Operating systems ? Do Win 3.1 users take care about Vista/Se7en/Windows8 users?
Do Win 3.1 users buy Total Commander licences ? Do WE really care about the size of Setup-files or executables ? I doubt that.

All these false Considerations are resulting in a situation where the TC becomes unattractive to users with the last OS and "good" hardware.

What is better: Having the Win3.1-users looking for alternative programms or Vista-users who quit to use TC ?

And when I say unattractive, I also mean: Suspicious (because it can be used to spy out the user)

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Post by *Hacker » 2009-10-21, 20:20 UTC

You have a sarcasm sign?

Mal angenommen, du drückst Strg+F, wählst die FTP-Verbindung (mit gespeichertem Passwort), klickst aber nicht auf Verbinden, sondern fällst tot um.

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Post by *Balderstrom » 2009-10-21, 20:35 UTC

I didn't think it was necessary to ;) wink in this particular case...
I thought the,
and 3 people using Win 3.1 might not be able to run total commander
would be easily detected as sarcasm...
*BLINK* TC9 Added WM_COPYDATA and WM_USER queries for scripting.

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Post by *Stance » 2009-10-22, 05:27 UTC

3 of them ? Tell me the name of the 3rd guy ! :twisted:

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Post by *pol098 » 2016-06-02, 13:58 UTC

Sheepdog wrote:As long as @ghisler doesn't implement this feature you can use Ultra History Cleaner of ts4242.
I've just come to this 2004 thread from a search. The Ultra History Cleaner is still going strong, at a different URL:

There are editors for Main Menu, Start Menu, Directory Menu, Extended Commands, Button Bar, History, Configuration, and Hotkeys, and log and version history viewers,


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