Total Commander 2.72 final for Android

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Total Commander 2.72 final for Android

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

Total Commander 2.72 final for Android is available now!

What's new in version 2.72?
- Android 6: Better support for external drives ("Send to", "Open with", "Unpack+Edit/Open" etc.)
- Media Player: Fixed problems with equalizer and gapless playback
- Show progress with number of items loaded when loading large folders or long list of apps in "Installed apps"
- Handling folders with several 1000 files in Android 6 external storage was very slow -> cache the directory listing during operations
- Equalizer not working after first track when using gapless playback (need to set audio session id!)
- Error copying 0 byte file to SD-Card on Android 6
- "Root functions everywhere" was no longer working.
- Minor bugfixes

What's new since version 2.71?
- Long tap on ".." - Create new UTF-8 text file
- Remember last path in file picker
- Stop creating automatic log file
- Bugfixes

What's new since version 2.70?
- Bugfixes

Changes in beta 2:
- Android 6: Create new file on external SD-Cards (long tap on "..")
- Android 5 and older: Let the user enable video thumbnails manually (with Stagefright warning)
- Android 6: Unpack RAR files to external SD-Card
- Android 6: Add files from external SD-Card to ZIP (on internal or external card)
- Android 6: Create and change zip on external SD-Card
- Android 6: Remember path on external SD-Card when closing and re-opening TC
- Android 6: Unpack ZIP files to external SD-Card
- Android 6: Open and unpack ZIP files located on external SD-Card
- Fixed: Couldn't access subfolders within ZIP files any more
Media player:
- Cyrillic ID3 tags encoded as ANSI could be shown as garbage (decoded with wrong codepage)

Changes in beta 1:
- Save as -> use new name as default name for further saves
Media player:
- Better show currently playing track by putting yellow/black frame around the icon
- Configuration dialog, allows to enable/disable some buttons in player bar and notification area
- Buttons to jump backward/forward by a user-defined number of seconds (disabled by default)
- Show previous and next track button in notification area, above each other
- Use MediaPlayer's "gapless playback" feature. Unfortunately there is still a small 100ms gap for mp3 files
- Support pre-buffering about 15 seconds before a track ends, reduces gap between tracks
- Android 6: External file system access using new "User-defined location" button.
- Android 6: Copying from external storage didn't work
- Android 6: Renaming on external storage didn't work (copied instead)
- Show JPG thumbnails also on Android 6 external media, but only if JPG contains EXIF thumbnails
- Wrong icon shown for ZIP files when disabling new icon look
- Use HttpUrlConnection instead of Apache HTTP client (discontinued on Android 6) for media proxy (playing streams), supports https and basic authentication
- Detect when Total Commander apk file was modified (e.g. by virus/trojan), show warning and terminate
2015-09-06 Added: Hide plugins (via context menu) from the home screen without uninstalling them
Help/HTML viewer:
- reload and exit buttons, can now download any file to Android's download directory
- Use internal Web Browser and HttpUrlConnection for downloading and installing plugins (only if there is no play store installed)

The history of changes can now be found here:

Download here:

Best regards

Christian Ghisler
Author of Total Commander