TC may crash after opening Network tab

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TC may crash after opening Network tab

Post by *DrShark » 2017-10-11, 19:53 UTC

This crash has been discovered during TC 9.10 pre-beta test (and happens also with TC 9.0a), but Christian couldn't reproduce it.

It seems that it has something to do with my spectfic Windows Vista 32-bit and/or laptop configuration, because even I can't reproduce it on othere PC's, but now I found time to describe it in details for forum users and maybe someone will be able to reproduce it or have a guess why it can happen.

So TC often, but not always, crashes with Windows window telling Total Commander stopped working:

Code: Select all

[Window Title]
Microsoft Windows

[Main Instruction]
Прекращена работа Total Commander 32 bit

Windows осуществляет поиск способа устранения этой ошибки...

few seconds (or even less) after it has Network location (::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}) opened in tab.

Here's a small wincmd.ini with ::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C} path already opened in left tab, so TC will crash at start.

Code: Select all

negative Sortorder=0
negative Sortorder=0
The content of Network location I copied (with all details copy) when crash didn't happen:

Code: Select all

MYPCNAME\	<DIR>	   ?	----
Сеть (MYWORKGROUPNAME)\	<DIR>	   ?	----e
<Refresh>.<lnk>		   ?	----
Mypcname : TVersity Media Server		   ?	----
OTHERPC_IN_WORKGROUP: Otherpcusername:		   ?	----
Wireless Router TL-WR740N		   ?	----
It seems that crash also happens when that OTHERPC_IN_WORKGROUP (another laptop, with Windows 7, connected to the same Wi-fi access point) is turned off and not listed in above list.

After crash happened, WhatIsHang may show something like that:

Code: Select all

* The program hangs in a single system call. You can look in the call stack and  stack data to find out which API function cause this hang.

Strings found in the stack:

Modules found in the stack:
C:\Windows\system32\USP10.dll , Microsoft Corporation , Microsoft(R) Uniscribe Unicode script processor, Uniscribe Unicode script processor
C:\Windows\system32\LPK.DLL , Microsoft Corporation , Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, Language Pack
C:\Windows\WinSxS\\comctl32.dll , Microsoft Corporation , Операционная система Microsoft® Windows®, Библиотека элементов управления взаимодействия с пользователем

ThreadID: 8376

Execute Address:
7640C54B  USP10.dll+0xc54b

Call Stack:
00031004  7640DB67  USP10.dll+0xdb67
000311C8  7640DABE  USP10.dll+0xdabe
0003120C  7640D969  USP10.dll+0xd969
00031228  7640D946  USP10.dll+0xd946
00031240  7640CA72  USP10.dll+0xca72
00031564  7640A363  USP10.dll!ScriptShape+0xfd
000315A8  7640B0F2  USP10.dll!ScriptStringAnalyse+0x7c0
00031604  7640AFD3  USP10.dll!ScriptStringAnalyse+0x6a1
00031630  7640AF1C  USP10.dll!ScriptStringAnalyse+0x5ea
00031654  7640AE48  USP10.dll!ScriptStringAnalyse+0x516
00031684  7640AAD5  USP10.dll!ScriptStringAnalyse+0x1a3
00031698  77E418CF  LPK.DLL!LpkExtTextOut+0x30e
000316E4  77E41A7E  LPK.DLL!LpkDrawTextEx+0x14e
000317E4  77E41968  LPK.DLL!LpkDrawTextEx+0x38
00031818  768F91C3  user32.dll!GetParent+0x119
00031858  768F96BA  user32.dll!DrawTextExW+0x4ec
000318A4  768F95BC  user32.dll!DrawTextExW+0x3ee
00031950  768F91EC  user32.dll!DrawTextExW+0x1e
00031974  7693BAD9  user32.dll!MB_GetString+0x734
000319E8  7693C9FC  user32.dll!SoftModalMessageBox+0x2e5
00031A9C  7693D336  user32.dll!SoftModalMessageBox+0xc1f
00031BEC  7693D46C  user32.dll!MessageBoxTimeoutW+0x7f
00031C44  7693D516  user32.dll!MessageBoxTimeoutA+0xa1
00031C78  7693D6C4  user32.dll!MessageBoxExA+0x1b
00031C98  7693D736  user32.dll!MessageBoxA+0x45
00031CB4  004746E8  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x746e8
00031CF0  004739BE  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x739be
00031D04  0042CBDD  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2cbdd
0003523C  00427174  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27174
00035254  768FFD72  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x4b3
00035280  768FFE4A  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x58b
000352F8  769009D3  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x75
00035328  76900979  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1b
00035348  00449B32  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49b32
00035374  00427174  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27174
0003538C  768FFD72  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x4b3
000353B8  768FFE4A  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x58b
00035430  768F9D6A  user32.dll!ReleaseDC+0x7d
0003548C  7690B081  user32.dll!DefMDIChildProcA+0x50
000354B8  77D75D0E  ntdll.dll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x2e
00035550  76900B36  user32.dll!SendMessageW+0x49
00035570  75EA99B1  comctl32.dll+0x499b1
000355C8  75EAA24E  comctl32.dll+0x4a24e
00035614  75E7BDE8  comctl32.dll+0x1bde8
000356B0  768FFD72  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x4b3
000356DC  768FFE4A  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x58b
00035754  769009D3  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x75
00035784  76900979  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1b
000357A4  00449A88  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49a88
000357D0  00427174  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27174
000357E8  768FFD72  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x4b3
00035814  768FFE4A  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x58b
0003588C  769009D3  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x75
000358BC  7690B759  user32.dll!CallWindowProcA+0x1b
000358DC  0044A909  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a909
00720BB0  C9DEF46D

Stack Data:
00030FF8  00000000
00030FFC  00000000
00031000  00000000
00031004  00000000
00031008  00000000
0003100C  00000000
00031010  00000000
00031014  00000000
00031018  00000000
0003101C  00000000
00031020  00000000
00031024  00000000
00031028  00000000
0003102C  00000000
00031030  00000000
00031034  00000000
00031038  00000000
0003103C  00000000
00031040  00000000
00031044  00000000
00031048  00000000
0003104C  00000000
00031050  00000000
00031054  00000000
00031058  00000000
0003105C  00000000
00031060  00000000
00031064  00000000
00031068  00000000
0003106C  00000000
00031070  00000000
00031074  00000000
00031078  00000000
0003107C  00000000
00031080  00000000
00031084  00000000
00031088  00000000
0003108C  00000000
00031090  00000000
00031094  00000000
00031098  00000000
0003109C  00000000
000310A0  00000000
000310A4  00000000
000310A8  00000000
000310AC  00000000
000310B0  00000000
000310B4  00000000
000310B8  00000000
000310BC  00000000
000310C0  00000000
000310C4  00000000
000310C8  00000000
000310CC  00000000
000310D0  00000000
000310D4  00000000
000310D8  00000000
000310DC  00000000
000310E0  00000000
000310E4  00000000
000310E8  00000000
000310EC  00000000
000310F0  00000000
000310F4  00000000
However "Modules found in the stack" and "Execute address" can be different on each crash, while "Stack Data" always has zeros.

Nirsoft WinCrashReport may show some more data, like that (excerpt)
(2ghisler(Author) following report is for TC 9.10 RC 1; I can mail you full 2 mb size report if you see it can be useful):

Code: Select all

Process Name	Exception Code	Exception Address	Product Name	File Description	File Version	Company	Full Path	
TOTALCMD.EXE	0xC0000005	76D18FBF	Total Commander	Total Commander 32 bit	9.10	Ghisler Software GmbH	c:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE	

Code: Select all

General Exception Information:
Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium  Service Pack 2  (6.0.6002)
Report Time: 11.10.2017 22:29:49
Process Filename: c:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE
Process ID: 7592
Thread ID: 6548
Process Description: Total Commander 32 bit
Process Version: 9.10
Process Company: Ghisler Software GmbH
Product Name: Total Commander
Product Version: 9.10
Crash Address: 00632D4D
Crash Address (Relative): TOTALCMD.EXE+0x232d4d
Exception Code: C00000FD
Exception Description: Не удается создать новую страницу защиты для стека.

Exception Parameter (1): 00000001
Exception Parameter (2): 00032F9C
Crash Code Bytes: 
53 56 57 89 4D F4 89 55 F8 89 45 FC 33 F6 33 C0
89 45 DC 33 C0 89 45 A8 C6 45 B5 00 C6 45 B2 00
80 7D 24 00 74 09 C7 45 DC 01 00 00 00 EB 0D 80
7D 10 00 74 07 C7 45 DC 02 00 00 00 8B 3D 78 4E

Strings in the stack:
00031F90 00036BBC -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
00031F9C 00035BBC -> ::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}\
00031FAC 000327C6 -> ::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}\
000321A0 00032480 -> c:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE
00032298 010209C4 -> Компьютер
000322C8 000B0000 -> Actx 
00032340 00032280 -> tI%g
00032358 77D70000 -> nericTableElements
0003235C 77D7003B -> erOfClearBits
000323B0 01020B42 -> 'Invalid variant type conversionInvalid variant operation"Variant method calls not supportedReadWrite)Format result longer
00032408 010211E8 -> c:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE
00032478 00836DA2 -> Stack overflow
Control-C hitPrivileged instructionOperation aborted%Exception %s in module %s at %p.
%s%sApplication Error1
000324A4 0044004D -> und
00032564 00400000 -> MZP
000327A0 000327D0 -> 2C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}\
000327C8 007B003A -> D5H5L5P5T5X5\5`5d5h5l5p5t5x5|5Ђ5„5€5Њ5ђ5”5˜5њ5 5¤5Ё5®5w6‰6˜6І6К6з6
000327D8 00440030 -> clScrollBar
0003298C 00032BB0 -> M-c
000329E8 000329FC -> ]AG
00032B1C 00032B8C -> p-@
00032D80 00035294 -> R740N
00032F0C 0019B30C -> ::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}\
00032F38 0003526C -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
000336EC 000C0000 -> Actx 
00035288 00200072 -> \;C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;e:\Programs\Sysinternals;
00038070 00200000 -> g PC Studio 3\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Shared;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTS
00038214 00187A80 -> 

 ! #!%"'#)$+%-&/'1(3)5*7+9,;-=.?/A0E1I2M3Q4U5Y6]7a8e9i:m;q<u=y>}?￾@‰A‘B™C¡D©E±F¹GÁH
0003821C 00188080 -> 8|$
000384D8 000B2A78 -> GsHd(
0003857C 770F1FF8 -> Hᜨēᝆp氳
000387A8 00187A78 -> 	

 ! #!%"'#)$+%-&/'1(3)5*7+9,;-=.?/A0E1I2M3Q4U5Y6]7a8e9i:m;q<u=y>}?￾@‰A‘B™C¡D©E±F
000388FC 00038968 -> Xl#
00038C14 00187A64 -> 	

 ! #!%"'#)$+%-&/'1(3)5*7+9,;-=.?/A0E1I2M3Q4U5Y6]7a8e9i:m;q<u=y>}?￾@‰A
0003AAB0 0003CDE4 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
00040304 000402AC -> 0i"g
00042600 00044934 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
00047E1C 001D0035 -> .
00048390 047DF518 -> Flst
00048E94 0024D4C8 -> Flst
0004A150 0004C484 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
0004EC9C 770DCB9C -> ole32.dll
0004FAEC 0004FB58 -> hk#
00051CA0 00053FD4 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
000597F0 0005BB24 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N
0005F650 0005F708 -> |U#
00060134 00060148 -> hU#
00061340 00063674 -> Wireless Router TL-WR740N

Call Stack (Method 1):
000337FC 00000000

Call Stack (Method 2):
00032CC4 00632D4D  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x232d4d
00032D40 00710B41  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x310b41
00032DF8 76D1D0B7  kernel32.dll!WideCharToMultiByte+0xd7
00032E24 007555FD  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x3555fd
00032E58 00710B96  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x310b96
00032EF4 0074E218  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x34e218
00032EF8 00755A3D  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x355a3d
00032F34 0062DE5F  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x22de5f
00032F48 0063389C  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x23389c
00032FC4 00570000  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x170000
00032FC8 00720069  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x320069
00032FCC 006C0065  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2c0065
00032FD0 00730065  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x330065
00032FD8 006F0052  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2f0052
00032FDC 00740075  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x340075
00032FE0 00720065  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x320065
00032FE4 00540020  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x140020
00032FEC 00520057  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x120057
00032FF4 004E0030  TOTALCMD.EXE+0xe0030
00033174 768FF8EA  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x2b
00033180 768FF8F6  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x37
000331A0 76945292  user32.dll!DrawFrame+0xab3
000331B0 75EA70C3  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x31e2
000331C4 75EA7121  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x3240
000331E0 75EA7096  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x31b5
000331FC 768FFD72  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x4b3
00033238 768FFEA1  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x5e2
0003323C 768FFE61  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x5a2
0003326C 768FFDF3  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x534
000332A0 769009D3  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x75
000332D0 76900979  user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x1b
000332F0 00449A88  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49a88
0003331C 00427174  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27174
00033408 7690B759  user32.dll!CallWindowProcA+0x1b
00033428 0044A909  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a909
00033450 0044858F  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4858f
00033460 0044A85F  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a85f
00033480 00449BFC  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49bfc
00033494 0044A590  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a590
0003349C 0044A5B3  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a5b3
000334A0 0044A5BB  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a5bb
000334A8 0044A5C5  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a5c5
000335D0 00449B32  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49b32
00033694 768E8E78  user32.dll!CallNextHookEx+0x3d
000336AC 10106B06  lgscroll.dll!setStromboliWnd+0x2f6
000336CC 768E8E2D  user32.dll!IsCharAlphaNumericW+0x5ca
000336E8 76927CA6  user32.dll!GetRawInputDeviceInfoW+0x70
000336F8 101069C0  lgscroll.dll!setStromboliWnd+0x1b0
00033714 768F9F8D  user32.dll!WCSToMBEx+0xcc
00033724 768F9F9D  user32.dll!WCSToMBEx+0xdc
0003373C 77D75D0E  ntdll.dll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x2e
0003374C 77D75CC0  ntdll.dll!KiUserApcDispatcher+0x48
00033764 76927C46  user32.dll!GetRawInputDeviceInfoW+0x10
00033768 768F8E7D  user32.dll!InflateRect+0x12e
0003376C 768F3482  user32.dll!LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx+0x1ac
00033774 00755B39  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x355b39
00033780 00755D80  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x355d80
000337BC 768F98B5  user32.dll!FillRect+0x50
000337D8 0067DB62  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27db62
00033808 0067FDDA  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27fdda
00033814 0067FDEE  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27fdee
0003383C 00403156  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x3156
00033840 00403401  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x3401
0003448C 770FB241  ole32.dll!CoTaskMemFree+0x38b
0003526C 00690057  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x290057
00035270 00650072  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x250072
00035274 0065006C  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x25006c
00035278 00730073  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x330073
0003527C 00520020  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x120020
00035280 0075006F  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x35006f
00035284 00650074  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x250074
0003528C 004C0054  TOTALCMD.EXE+0xc0054
00035290 0057002D  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x17002d
00035BC0 0046007B  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x6007b
00035BD4 00450042  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x50042
00035BF8 00460037  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x60037
00035C00 00450036  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x50036
00035C08 007D0043  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x3d0043
00037020 75E7BC00  comctl32.dll!RemoveWindowSubclass+0x2b91
00037034 75E7BC9C  comctl32.dll!RemoveWindowSubclass+0x2c2d
000370A0 75E7BBCC  comctl32.dll!RemoveWindowSubclass+0x2b5d
00037258 0044A8EC  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a8ec
0003729C 004393B8  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x393b8
000372C0 00449B84  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x49b84
0003750C 0044C17D  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4c17d
00037528 0057754E  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x17754e
000375C4 00402E90  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2e90
00037600 004290BB  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x290bb
00037630 0044A5B4  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4a5b4
0003769C 768FFE4A  user32.dll!GetWindowLongW+0x58b
0003784C 768F9D6A  user32.dll!ReleaseDC+0x7d
00037880 768E56FE  user32.dll!PrivateRegisterICSProc+0xc8
00037890 5CF32011  tiptsf.dll!ProcessCaretEvents+0x49e
000378A8 7690B081  user32.dll!DefMDIChildProcA+0x50
00037928 768F9D1F  user32.dll!ReleaseDC+0x32
00037930 768F21BD  user32.dll!GetWindowTextW+0x154
0003796C 76900B36  user32.dll!SendMessageW+0x49
0003798C 75EA99B1  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x5ad0
000379E4 75EA9B88  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x5ca7
00037A54 75EA980A  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x5929
00037D48 0044ACC6  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x4acc6
00037D54 00439619  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x39619
00037D84 768F9C78  user32.dll!GetDC+0x47
00037FE4 768FA1DB  user32.dll!PostMessageW+0x66
000380AC 768FA2C3  user32.dll!BeginPaint+0x20
000380B0 768FA2D6  user32.dll!BeginPaint+0x33
000380F8 7690022B  user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0xf
00038108 7711B7AD  ole32.dll!OleFlushClipboard+0x95
00038154 7711BDF1  ole32.dll!RevokeDragDrop+0x48e
00038164 770C2743  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x961
00038178 770C256E  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x78c
000381A0 770C40CD  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x22eb
000381B0 771C8EDC  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserUnmarshal+0x420
000381DC 771C9B4D  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserUnmarshal+0x1091
000381F4 77D74328  ntdll.dll!NtCreateEvent+0xc
0003822C 77D19A9A  ntdll.dll!WinSqmStartSession+0x27b
00038238 77D7688D  ntdll.dll!RtlFreeHeap+0x28d
0003823C 77D765AF  ntdll.dll!RtlAllocateHeap+0xaf
0003824C 771D2EE0  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x50f3
00038250 771D2EC8  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x50db
0003825C 770F7533  ole32.dll!CoCreateGuid+0xae
00038270 770F74DC  ole32.dll!CoCreateGuid+0x57
00038274 771CFF50  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x2163
00038278 770B10F3  ole32.dll!CoDisableCallCancellation+0xaaf
00038290 771CF464  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x1677
000382BC 770C3F4C  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x216a
000382D8 770C3EFE  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x211c
00038330 770F5A55  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0xaa2c
00038350 770E37ED  ole32.dll!CoRegisterSurrogateEx+0xb60
0003836C 770F2004  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x6fdb
00038370 766CF081  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxyErrorHandler+0x42f
000383A4 766CF929  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxySendReceive+0x43
000383BC 766CF98A  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxySendReceive+0xa4
000383C8 766D038F  RPCRT4.dll!NdrClientCall2+0x8c5
000383DC 770FCED8  ole32.dll!IsValidInterface+0x25f
00038400 77D4E5CA  ntdll.dll!RtlFindActivationContextSectionGuid+0xc6
00038408 10000000  HardlinkShellExt.dll+0x0
0003840C 771D1424  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x3637
00038444 770ECC1A  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x1bf1
0003844C 770EB4F2  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x4c9
00038464 77D56751  ntdll.dll!bsearch+0x66
000384BC 77D4E684  ntdll.dll!RtlFindActivationContextSectionGuid+0x180
000384C4 770F689C  ole32.dll!DcomChannelSetHResult+0x2e0
000384C8 770F68A7  ole32.dll!DcomChannelSetHResult+0x2eb
000384DC 770EB4A0  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x477
00038508 77D5062F  ntdll.dll!RtlNtStatusToDosError+0x32
0003850C 77D50634  ntdll.dll!RtlNtStatusToDosError+0x37
0003853C 76D1B612  kernel32.dll!CreateFileW+0x3a7
0003854C 76D1830B  kernel32.dll!FindActCtxSectionGuid+0x5b
0003858C 770F1FEA  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x6fc1
00038590 770F1FE0  ole32.dll!CoRevokeClassObject+0x6fb7
000385D8 766604BD  RPCRT4.dll!NdrFreeBuffer+0x38
000385EC 766CFA32  RPCRT4.dll!IUnknown_AddRef_Proxy+0x1c
000385F0 766CF97E  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxySendReceive+0x98
0003862C 766CF5F1  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxyErrorHandler+0x99f
00038630 684B0434  actxprxy.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x5617
00038634 684AA638  actxprxy.dll!DllGetClassObject+0x38
00038640 766D27A7  RPCRT4.dll!NdrDllGetClassObject+0x51
00038648 766506D0  RPCRT4.dll!I_RpcRequestMutex+0x43c
0003865C 684AA623  actxprxy.dll!DllGetClassObject+0x23
0003866C 684B6840  actxprxy.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0xba23
00038670 684AA628  actxprxy.dll!DllGetClassObject+0x28
0003867C 770FCD47  ole32.dll!IsValidInterface+0xce
00038698 770FD115  ole32.dll!CoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler+0x117
000386B0 770FCF3E  ole32.dll!IsValidInterface+0x2c5
000386B8 770FCD9A  ole32.dll!IsValidInterface+0x121
000386C4 770FB666  ole32.dll!CoTaskMemFree+0x7b0
000386CC 77101244  ole32.dll!CreateBindCtx+0x3286
000386DC 770FB564  ole32.dll!CoTaskMemFree+0x6ae
000386E0 770FB679  ole32.dll!CoTaskMemFree+0x7c3
000386F4 770DF97F  ole32.dll!CoGetTreatAsClass+0xc47
00038704 770FA140  ole32.dll!CoCreateInstance+0x35a
00038708 770DFA26  ole32.dll!CoGetTreatAsClass+0xcee
00038710 743D5158  fdproxy.dll+0x5158
00038714 743D74B0  fdproxy.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x20b4
00038748 70DD8BAC  msi.dll+0x138bac
0003876C 004A0030  TOTALCMD.EXE+0xa0030
0003877C 00410031  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x10031
000387DC 684AA070  actxprxy.dll+0x3a070
000387E0 771CFF98  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x21ab
00038830 76656F5D  RPCRT4.dll!NdrSimpleStructBufferSize+0x2752
00038840 766CF9FF  RPCRT4.dll!NdrProxySendReceive+0x119
00038864 7665EE03  RPCRT4.dll!NdrComplexArrayMarshall+0x269
00038874 770C0FB1  ole32.dll!ProgIDFromCLSID+0x18da
000388C4 770C1001  ole32.dll!ProgIDFromCLSID+0x192a
000388E8 770C8239  ole32.dll!CoGetMarshalSizeMax+0x6ee
0003891C 770C7FD3  ole32.dll!CoGetMarshalSizeMax+0x488
00038948 770C7CD8  ole32.dll!CoGetMarshalSizeMax+0x18d
00038974 770C7DAD  ole32.dll!CoGetMarshalSizeMax+0x262
000389BC 770E6B05  ole32.dll!CoFreeAllLibraries+0xe8c
000389E4 770C3602  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x1820
000389FC 770C35CD  ole32.dll!ReadClassStm+0x17eb
00038A30 770CB0EB  ole32.dll!CoUnmarshalInterface+0x63
00038A50 74D412BC  NetworkItemFactory.dll+0x12bc
00038AB8 74D42085  NetworkItemFactory.dll+0x2085
00038AD4 74D41280  NetworkItemFactory.dll+0x1280
00038AE0 5CC556DB  NetworkExplorer.dll!DllGetClassObject+0x3c2e
00038AF4 5CC565A9  NetworkExplorer.dll!DllGetClassObject+0x4afc
00038C54 7727DC98  shell32.dll!SHFormatDrive+0x2cb
00038C58 7727DC9C  shell32.dll!SHFormatDrive+0x2cf
00038C64 772790E0  shell32.dll!ILGetSize+0x136
00038C6C 772790F0  shell32.dll!ILGetSize+0x146
00038C78 772813F8  shell32.dll!SHGetKnownFolderIDList+0x66
00038C84 77278B28  shell32.dll!ILFree+0xe6
00038CBC 77D774C3  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x771
00038CC4 77D774A2  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x750
00038CE4 5CC51853  NetworkExplorer.dll!DllCanUnloadNow+0x200
00038D08 77275F40  shell32.dll!Ordinal93+0x4ba
00038D28 77286A08  shell32.dll!Ordinal757+0x29
00038D54 770FAEC9  ole32.dll!CoTaskMemFree+0x13
00038D7C 77278A2A  shell32.dll!SHRestricted+0xe17
00038D94 77278FD3  shell32.dll!ILGetSize+0x29
00038DAC 77D774D5  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x783
00038DC8 76D19DC6  kernel32.dll!HeapFree+0x14
00038DDC 770FAEAD  ole32.dll!CoInitializeEx+0x19b
00038DF4 771CF6F8  ole32.dll!WdtpInterfacePointer_UserFree+0x190b
00038E00 77286319  shell32.dll!SHBindToFolderIDListParentEx+0x8d
00038E10 7728632B  shell32.dll!SHBindToFolderIDListParentEx+0x9f
00038E30 772863C6  shell32.dll!SHBindToParent+0x1a
00038E4C 772898D1  shell32.dll!SHGetPathFromIDListW+0x70
00038E9C 0074A106  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x34a106
000390B4 00730436  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x330436
00039768 77D7713A  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x3e8
0003976C 77D77176  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x424
0003984C 77D76D9C  ntdll.dll!RtlEnumerateGenericTableWithoutSplaying+0x4a
00039880 768F6F00  user32.dll!CharLowerBuffW+0x29
000398A8 768F6F29  user32.dll!CharLowerBuffW+0x52
000398C4 006F1A4A  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2f1a4a
000398CC 006F1A9F  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2f1a9f
000398E0 0072F162  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x32f162
000398EC 006F4F0C  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2f4f0c
00039904 0063260C  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x23260c
00039914 006329FE  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x2329fe
00039ADC 00690070  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x290070
0003A034 76D178A9  kernel32.dll!OpenProcess+0x2ba
0003A048 76D1D139  kernel32.dll!MultiByteToWideChar+0x76
0003A058 76D1D23E  kernel32.dll!MultiByteToWideChar+0x17b
0003A084 007554E3  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x3554e3
0003A0B0 00703AE5  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x303ae5
0003B350 0067CD74  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x27cd74
0003F55C 75EAA24E  comctl32.dll!ImageList_AddIcon+0x636d
0003F5A8 75E7BDE8  comctl32.dll!RemoveWindowSubclass+0x2d79
0004EC78 77DD6078  ntdll.dll!RtlAllocateMemoryZone+0xfba
0004ECD0 77D48557  ntdll.dll!RtlAcquirePebLock+0x105
0004FDF0 004A0005  TOTALCMD.EXE+0xa0005
0005F470 00660008  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x260008
0005F490 00560009  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x160009
00060000 67206AF4  ntlanman.dll!NPAddConnection3+0x33d6

Processor Registers:
EAX      C101146B
EBX      00000000
ECX      00035294 -> R740N
EDX      00037938
ESI      00EBC084 -> 34 E6 6F 00 9C BE E9 00 03 00 00 00 04 00 00 00
EDI      00000001
EBP      000337FC
ESP      00032FA0
EIP      00632D4D  TOTALCMD.EXE+0x232d4d
GS       00000000
FS       0000003B
ES       00000023
DS       00000023
CS       0000001B
SS       00000023
EFlags   00010217
Like in case with WhatIsHang, WinCrashReport may show different data on crashes, for example there's a snippet of what WinCrashReport showed for TC 9.10 b1 pre-beta 3:

Code: Select all

General Exception Information:
Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium  Service Pack 2  (6.0.6002)
Report Time: 12.09.2017 21:13:32
Process Filename: C:\totalcmd\TOTALCMD.EXE
Process ID: 4076
Thread ID: 6196
Process Description: Total Commander 32 bit
Process Version: 9.10
Process Company: Ghisler Software GmbH
Product Name: Total Commander
Product Version: 9.10
Crash Address: 77D765AA
Crash Address (Relative): ntdll.dll!RtlAllocateHeap+0xaa
Exception Code: C00000FD
Exception Description: Не удается создать новую страницу защиты для стека.

Exception Parameter (1): 00000001
Exception Parameter (2): 00032FFC
Crash Code Bytes: 
E8 B9 01 00 00 8B F0 85 F6 0F 84 CF 07 00 00 F6
45 0C 08 0F 85 2A 03 00 00 80 3D 80 03 FE 7F 00
0F 85 2D 96 00 00 85 F6 0F 84 81 66 00 00 8B 5D
F8 85 DB 0F 85 51 96 00 00 5F 8B C6 5E 5B C9 C2

(Christian didn't find the full report for pre-beta, as well as the minidump created on crash by Windows, helpful to find out the reason of the crash).
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Android 4.3.1 no root, kernel 08.09.2016; Vista Home Premium SP2 rus 32 bit
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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2017-10-11, 21:38 UTC

Unfortunately I still can't reproduce it, I tried also on Vista.

Anyone else having such problems? It's not new to 9.10, so there was an entire year to get similar reports - but I didn't get any so far. Maybe a special software interfering?
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Post by *DrShark » 2017-10-16, 13:13 UTC

HISTORY.TXT wrote:16.10.17 Fixed: Increased maximum stack size from 512k to 640k due to a stack exhaustion error (0xC00000FD) one user had (32)
Thanks! Crash doesn't happen anymore when I'm opening or closing a tab with Network location!

Do you have idea why that error happened when going to Network location? Can, in theory, such error appear again even now with 640k stack size?
Android 4.3.1 no root, kernel 08.09.2016; Vista Home Premium SP2 rus 32 bit
TC #149847 Personal licence

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Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2017-10-16, 14:10 UTC

This can happen when a function is burried in a deep level of other functions where each uses a lot of variables on the stack. It is possible that it can still occur, but only if the call stack gets even deeper somehow, e.g. when the function to switch tabs is by itself called by even other functions. But >100k more should be plenty. If not, I can further increase the max. stack size.
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Post by *DrShark » 2017-10-16, 14:26 UTC

OK, I'll report if such error will appear ever again.
Android 4.3.1 no root, kernel 08.09.2016; Vista Home Premium SP2 rus 32 bit
TC #149847 Personal licence

Cuz we're all in this together, We're here to make it right

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