Advise and Suggestions for My Installed Lister Plugins

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Advise and Suggestions for My Installed Lister Plugins

Post by *risk »


The Lister plugins I have installed do a good job of viewing files but I wonder if there are even better options or if I'm missing out on some plugins with nice features.

Here's what I have installed:

1. imagine Multimedia
2. slister (PDF, XPS)
3. mmedia Multimedia
4. AKFont (TTF, OTF, FON)
5. ulister

Please keep in mind that I installed these over a long period of time so I'm not sure if 1. I need them all, and 2. if better options exist.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Re: Advise and Suggestions for My Installed Lister Plugins

Post by *petermad »

You are pretty well covered with what you already have.
What else you need, depends on what you use your computer for, but here are some that I could recommend:

PhotoViewer: - sometimes Imagine cannot show a file, then maybe this one can.
ICLView: - view, extract and pack icon files.
FileInfo: - technical info about .exe and .dll files.
DirSizeCalc Charts: - only for QuickView - show directory and file sizes graphically
HTMLView: - view html, pdf and other formats, Windows explorer view in QuickView

In case you use 32bit TC:
VisualDirSize: - in stead of DirSizeCalc Charts
IMGView: - alternative image viewer.
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