Wikipedia-style file-system management in Total Cmd (hard links\tags)

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Wikipedia-style file-system management in Total Cmd (hard links\tags)

Post by *Indubhushan-das »

Hello, my favorite File Manager for many years is Total Commander (previously it was Volcov commander \ Dos navigator).

I run a small website based on mediawiki-engine (i.e., this technology is used for Wikipedia), and I really like a lot of categories for articles.

It is very convenient: there is a text (+ and a picture, a table, a video etc) - and you simply add a category at the bottom of the page. And you always see the entire list of categories to which this page belongs.

But essentially the page is a file (right?). And it made me think that I would like the same system on my PC. Yes, I installed for myself a local version of MediaWiki on my computer - but this is not what I really need. It hrdly helps. I need the ability to manage files and folders in the Total Commander just like in Wikipedia ...

I was thinking how to solve it. I learned that there is such a thing as Hard-link. Once I used them. But there were moments that did not allow working with them normally.

- firstly, there is no list of all file usage in all folders. If in Wikipedia I can see at the bottom of each page which categories the file falls into, then I cannot see that in the total commander next to the files (maybe in a special hardlink \ wiki display style) a list of all the categories this file falls into. And I want it! I was so tortured :evil: with the fact that I was sorting files and folders on my PC - and there was always something missing. the same thing falls in the one category and the others as well. It almost never happens that one file falls into only one category. Everything is connected with everything. as in wikipedia ...

So: the required function from the Tatal Commander is to show a list of all hard links ("categories") next to each file.

- farther. It is clear that Total Commander is also for (pre)viewing files. but I would like that ... in wikipedia style. that is, to have a mode of not only viewing files (F3), but also editing - in the window of the commander himself. (and for that "full screen mode" - combine two side-by-side panels into one, to concentrate on one file content)

I'll Decipher what I mean. Suppose there is a quick view of the "content" of the file in the by-side panel. If it is text, music or a picture or even a video, the commander (if there is a plug-in) will show the content. But I need an edit mode in this adjacent panel ("quick view"). This is like a quick answer feature on the forum (for fast making changes). Or as a mode for editing of the Wikipedia page. Well, I don’t ask to edit directly all kinds of files, all formats inside Total ... (although it would be awesome - if you could have any program, even the Microsoft Word window could be embedded inside the total commander, and by pressing the hotkeys of the "quick edit "(or not quick , but full-featured - perhaps this is the second editing mode inside the adjacent panel ... by the way, those windows (quick edit \ full edit) could also be shown as tabs on top (as folders do))) ...

So: the function of fast \ full editing of files inside the total commander is required (in separate tabs-windows)

- farther. If this is a file editing mode, then at the bottom or top of this window you need to show a list of categories. Yes, there is a hierarchical categories list in WordPress (site creation system). It will be a bit difficult ... but in any case, if you can install at least several categories\folders (such as in wiki) for each file, it would be cool! you only need to show a quick and convenient folders-list (tree) to select - in which category of the folder to add a file ...

In short: you need a convenient way to add folder categories for each file (with prompts so as not to enter names manually. Wrote the letter A - and all the words\folders\categories starting with A jumped out)

- also. in the list of directories and files, there should be a display mode with hardlink\wiki-categories lists for each file\folder. That should be in two columns. one column is the name of the file + extension. another column is: all the categories of this folder or this file (that is, all the places where the file is hard-linked; as the file and folder, as I know from Unix, are almost the same entity).

If the list of categories does not fit into one line, into one column, then simply word-wrap texts of categories-lists to next lines. that means, in this hardlink-wiki-style file-show-view the height of each line will be different - the more categories\folders pathes each file has (places where hard links are written), the greater the line height is. ...

something like that. Please do not scold me, I do not have time to look for the plugins for Total Commander which does What I want. And I'm pretty sure, only a small percentage of such features are present in Total Commander... So they are wanted! Give me a link to the best way to work with Hard-links for Total (well, that is, I guess, some kind of plug-in) - especially in a way which I described

but since I’m also an hobbyist-programmer, I’m likely to want to remake the Total Commander, and add the functionality I described to it (although this takes much time, and I always don't have it. And my hands may not reach this project, and I don't have the qualifications ... I never ever wrote any plugin for TOtal Commander. but maybe it is a time to try to... Though, I shouldn't do my own file manager because wanted features are absent?? It’s better to "ping" Total-commander-developers with your ideas - and let them do what users like me desire...)

Thank you all for the best file manager in the world - total commander !!! (by the way, on Android, it’s something with quite a little functionality. Why is that so?).

PS Yes, one more thing. There is such a cool program - Mp3 iLLyrium Manager. In general, it can quickly and conveniently order\systematize\categorize\organize the mp3 archive. The program can rename files according id3 tags. So I wish it is possible for all files (of any files extensions) to also create some extra "tags" - it would be very cool. for any file - to have tag lists (and do multiple renaming according to such tags... maybe it can be described in extra files like descript.ion, file_id.diz etc? are there any plugins to manage such description files as well in total cmd?)

Well, let's say there is a Word file. Or there is a picture, video, audio, and so on. Some kind of document. It always has an author. It is logical. That is, as when writing a song there is an author (sometimes there is not one - then you just need to add the category “authors” to add from the list). It is written as the tag (remember tags-cloud on sites? I need it in Total Commander). There is the name of the song - well, here it is clear - this is the name of file ... But the problem is that since there are no separate subcategories \ tags for the author’s name, the title of the work, the year, the categories (as in the wiki) , and so on, then this kind of “categories” information (tags) appears in the file name, which in theory should be only for the title of the work. and this is not very good.
Mp3 iLLyrium Manager solves this problem for music. But what about the rest of the “mess” of other file types? They also need to be put in order. (by the way, are there any good MP3 Id3 tags editors for Total Commander which have functionality of Mp3 Illyrium manager? )

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